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Green Wallpaper.

create a refreshing yet grounded vibe with green wallpaper.

The colour of life, nature and harmony, green is a beautiful colour to decorate your home with. Our green paste-the-wall wallpaper features patterns and textures galore, perfect for quick transformations. Whether you’re looking for pale sage green or dramatic emerald, something statement or subtle, you’ll find it with us. Shop the collection. Our wallpaper sample service means that you can buy a small square of the green wallpaper you want to try. You can see whether it works in your chosen room, in real life. When you’re ready to buy, use our wallpaper calculator to estimate the number of rolls you’ll need. Get started on your transformation today!


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All our green wallpaper is paste-the-wall, which means you don’t have to wait for the paste to soak into the paper like you do with traditional wallpaper. Paste-the-wall wallpaper is easy to hang too, as the process means that you’ve got room to manoeuvre while the paper is on the wall. It cuts transformation time down by half, making it ideal for those new to decorating.

All our wallpaper is durable, wipeable and hard-wearing, so you don’t have to worry about sticky little hands.

If you still need help getting your head around wallpaper, take a look at our handy wallpaper buying guide. It'll make everything so much clearer, from design types to how to figure out how much wallpaper you might need. 

what colours work with green wallpaper?

Green is a very versatile colour, so there are loads of colours that work beautifully with it. It’s all about the effect you’re trying to create. Do you want a serene bedroom? A dark and dramatic dining room? A warm and inviting living room? You can do it all with green.

For a calming, minimalist space, choose a green wallpaper that’s light and soft - like moss or sage green. Paired with organic tones like beige, ecru and cream, and natural fabrics like cotton, linen and wicker, you’re sure to feel tranquil. If it’s a bedroom you’re redecorating, natural coloured bedding will work well with tufted beige cushions against your soft green wallpaper. Add in house plants for their natural green tones, organic shapes and added health benefits.

If it’s a warm, vintage feel you’re looking for, go for a green wallpaper with a yellow undertone. Pair with a burnt orange and it’ll instantly feel like autumn. Add in lighter green cushions to lighten the room or lean in to the cosiness with a mustard yellow accent throw.

Looking for a luxe green room? Opt for a dark green wallpaper, like jewel-toned emerald or forest green. This shade will really make a statement, so it’s ideal for a feature wall. Mix with rich blues and burgundies for a lush, opulent feel. Add in metallic accents like a big gold clock or a feature metal mirror and it’ll only add to the opulence.