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Green Wallpaper

surround your space in nature’s tones with green wallpaper.

The colour of life, lushness and harmony – bring notes of nature to your space with green wallpaper. Saunter through our stunning range of signature designs, from slithering snakes and tropical florals to jazzy geometrics that draw the eye. Soothe yourself with sage and jade tones, or embrace opulence with dark green wallpaper in rich emerald hues. Shop the collection.

All our green wallpaper uses paste-the-wall application, giving you an easy transformation without all the stress and mess. Just paste your wall, hang the paper and allow everything to dry naturally. Get a closer look at our gorgeous designs with our simple £1 sample service, or find out exactly how many rolls you need with our handy usage calculator – available on each product page.

Green Wallpaper


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Refresh, revive and reinvigorate your space with our beautiful selection of green wallpaper. From flourishing florals to intricate exotic vistas, we’ve got stunning signature designs to suit any style of interior. Keep the energy up with sage green wallpaper in light, refreshing shades. Or, choose something a little more opulent with emerald green wallpaper in deliciously dark shades.

Need help choosing a design? Use our simple £1 sample service to get up close and personal with the colours, prints and textures on offer. Or, if you’re not sure how much wallpaper you need, find the exact number of rolls required for the job with our handy usage calculator – available on each product page.

Our green wallpaper is all paste-the-wall, meaning you don’t have to spend hours soaking, booking and drying like you do with traditional paper. It’s also much simpler to hang – just paste the wall, apply your paper, and allow everything to dry. It’s easy to adjust once hung and makes the whole process twice as quick, making it the perfect option for first-time decorators.

Still need help wrapping your head around wallpaper? Head over to our inspiration page and take a look at our handy wallpaper buying guide. It takes all the mystery out of wallpapering, covering everything from textures and prints to application methods and more. Or, if you’ve already ordered your green wallpaper and just need some help hanging it, check out our step-by-step breakdown of how to wallpaper.

what colour goes with green wallpaper?

Got your heart set on green wallpaper, but not sure how it’ll fit with your current decor? Lucky for you, green is one of the most flexible colours out there. While certainly a powerful shade, green makes a beautiful pairing with everything from neutral browns and greys to vibrant tones of yellow, red and blue.

If you’re looking to explore the grown-up side of green, choose sleek geometric prints or green floral wallpaper with a subtle leafy design. Rich shades of jade and emerald are perfect for a more sophisticated look, and effortlessly warm up neutrals and cooler shades. Clean white bedding is the ideal counterpoint to jewel-toned greens, offsetting their intensity and creating an eye-catching contrast. Get some black cushions in the mix for a dose of drama, and finish with gold fittings to lean into the luxe look.

Rather something a little more nature-inspired? We’ve got plenty of green patterned wallpaper with chic natural prints, from tropical leaves to jungle vistas and poised exotic animals. Go wall-to-wall tropical with a fierce scattering of animal cushions – sporting everything from leopards and zebras to monkeys and more. Finish with a textured boho throw for a final touch of the organic, in shades of earthy green, brown or beige.