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Living Room Accessories

the cherry on top of your fresh living room décor.

It’s the little details that bring a space to life, so the power of stylish accessories in a well-rounded interior design really can’t be overstated. From homely doorstops and draught excluders to opulent clocks that emanate luxury – our living room accessories collection has all the bells and whistles to put the perfect finishing touches on your interior style. Shop the collection today.

From our soft and sand-weighted doorstops to our energy-efficient draught excluders, we’ve got plenty of elegant accessories that offer handy functionality as well as eye-catching style. Our stunning clocks range from minimalist, easy-to-read designs to more ornate styles that’ll grab attention and draw your guests’ eyes every time.    

Living Room Accessories


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From cute novelty doorstops that’ll give you a clear passage to the kitchen when you’ve got your hands full with cups and crockery, to hefty (but stylish) draught excluders that’ll keep you toasty in the winter months – our living room accessories range is about utility as well as style. 

Our modish wall and desk clocks come in a range of styles, from ornately decorated geometric pieces to straightforward minimalist designs that are super easy to read. 

Want to see more? Our full living room range is brimming with stunning décor pieces – from plump sofa cushions to cosy throws, to chic wooden coffee tables and shining metal floor lamps

how to style living room accessories.

Whether you’re a drama-free minimalist, unapologetic maximalist, farmhouse obsessive or trinket-loving boho stylist – no interior design is complete without accessories. They’re a handy way to squeeze in that vital splash of energy and personality, as well as flesh out your design scheme and make your space appear intimate and lived in. 

Whatever look you’re going for, we’ve got living room accessories that’ll top your style off perfectly and bring that extra touch of magic. 

Just because you’re a minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t bring some accessories into your space. Many minimalist spaces make stunning use of accessories, and achieve the same enriching quality that little embellishments bring to any other interior design scheme. When working accessories into a minimalist style, the key is to focus on utility over decoration.

Minimalist accessories can still be stylish and easy on the eye, of course – but they are generally focused on function and aren’t too flamboyant. We’ve got plenty of accessory options that offer handy functions to make your space more streamlined, fitting perfectly with the no-frills minimalist ethos.

Go for one of our plain doorstops in a colour that complements your neutral wallpaper or sofa. Introduce a simple wall clock to create some interest on your plain wall, and your minimalist space will be adorned with functional accessories that won’t appear too cosmetic.  

Farmhouse and French country interior styles benefit greatly from quaint accessories, so don’t be afraid to introduce a few to your space. Our signature range of novelty doorstops come in a variety of farmland and wild animal shapes, and are perfect for adding an extra pastoral detail to your farmhouse aesthetic. 

If the laidback elegance of French country design is more your thing, then a floral-patterned draught excluder is the perfect multi-purpose accessory for your space. Handy for preventing chilly breezes creeping in and efficient on energy saving, our durable and stylish draught excluders are the perfect quaint accessory to soften up your living room décor.