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Door Stops

open the door to a new stroke of style with novelty door stops.

An open door is a symbol of invitation, and it doesn’t get much more inviting than our stylish selection of quality door stops. Soft, sturdy and lovingly stuffed with plenty of personality – they’re the perfect accessory for any open-door home. Choose from our charming animal designs, or keep it chic with soft faux fur and sumptuous velvet finishes. Shop the collection.

Our eye-catching collection of novelty door stops takes the functional accessory to fashionable new heights. Combining the heavyweight practicality of sand-filled sturdiness with the style-led flair of bouclé, velvet and intricate fabric detailing – we’ve got door stops for every decor style. Open your door to a friendly new face with our animal door stops, or avoid slams in style with a tastefully textured design.

Door Stops


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Get your hands on the most fabulous of functional accessories with our door stops collection. Whether you’re trying to protect a door that’s prone to slamming, keep one shut that’s always ajar or simply give your doorway a sprucing – we’ve got stellar solutions for all your interior needs.

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how to stop a door from slamming.

Whether it’s because of sneaky draughts or heavy-handed housemates, nothing spoils a quiet night like the head-splitting slam of a door. It’s a problem that’s almost universal, but one that’s easily avoidable if you’ve got the right tools for the job.

Our door stops are packed full of durable polyester and heavyweight sand, providing up to 1.4KG of slam-preventing power that’ll hold most interior doors with ease. Simply pop your door stop at the outermost edge of your door, and rest easy in the knowledge that no sudden slams will interrupt your evening.

how to stop a door swinging open.

Our delightful door stops have a range of handy uses, whether you’ve got a heavy door that keeps on slamming or a swinging one that won’t stay shut. Swinging doors can be a general nuisance, but they can also make your home chillier on colder days, allowing warm air to spread and dissipate rather than keep you cosy in the room you’re in.

Each of our charming novelty and animal door stops is packed with up to 1.4KG of door-stopping strength. A carefully-mixed filling of soft polyester and heavyweight sand makes these little chaps the most talented doormen you’ve ever met – full of inviting softness, but sturdy and strong when push comes to shove.