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Patterned Outdoor Cushions.

give your garden sanctuary some shape with patterned outdoor cushions.

From flourishing florals to fierce animals, simple lines to dreamy abstract designs – everybody loves a nice pattern. Flooding your space with texture and shape, they make surfaces pop while effortlessly drawing the eye. A stylish spread of options awaits you in our water-resistant patterned garden cushions collection, from stunning exotic prints to subtly toned abstract swirls. Shop the collection.

Our outdoor cushions are designed by hand at our Yorkshire studio, and move on for manufacturing at our UK factory in Staffordshire. We use only the finest polyester fabric, designed to withstand both water and UV rays – meaning spills, splashes and even blazing summer sunshine won’t pose a problem. Complete with a hidden and easy-to-use zip closure, our patterned outdoor cushions are available as cover only or pre-filled with soft polyester pads.

Patterned Outdoor Cushions


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Are design ideas for your garden simply refusing to sprout up? With all the work and focus that comes with decorating our interiors, outdoor living can often become a bit neglected. But when the sun comes out and you catch the scent of nearby barbecues filling the air – the value of a well-equipped patio paradise really starts to shine through.

Our patterned outdoor cushions offer one of the easiest and most convenient ways to bring colour, shape and character to your open-air spaces. They’re made with water-resistant polyester fabric, meaning you don’t have to worry about random downpours, unfortunate spills or stray splashes from the garden hose. Scorching summer sunshine won’t be a problem either, as they’re resistant to fading from UV rays.

Durable, resilient and designed to keep their shape without ever compromising on comfort – our patterned outdoor cushions really can do it all. They’re a certified garden staple – for everyone from the alfresco entertainers to aficionados of the outdoor reading nook – and will take all manner of open-air spaces to new heights of comfort and style.

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how to style patterned outdoor cushions.

Some kind of pattern can be found in most (if not all) interior designs if you look close enough. The beauty of a pattern is that it can be as subtle or as out there as you like, but it’ll always make a dramatic difference to your overall look. They can give direction and dimension to a space; draw your eye to a focal point; create a motif that repeats elsewhere, and even bring the entire shape of a space together. 

Our patterned garden cushions range has plenty of options to cover every road you might go down when introducing a pattern to your outdoor space. We’ve got plenty of vivid animal and floral prints that are bursting with dazzling colours – perfect if you’re going for a bohemian, eclectic or exotic villa-inspired aesthetic. Choose a few bright outdoor cushion designs in your favourite colour, and layer with a textured throw that you feel captures your spirit. Boho style is all about self-expression and making your own rules, so feel free to experiment in crafting your look.

Strong motifs are a hallmark of French country interior style, and you’ll find plenty of designs to fit this look in our patterned outdoor cushions range. To pull off this look, you’ll want to go for a soft, muted colour with a vivid pattern. Try pairing some of our subtle floral designs together, and mirror the pattern with a floral throw or seat pad. You’ll end up with a strong but subdued floral motif, which you can ground with some neutral white or grey outdoor furniture. This look will transform your outdoor space and give it a real sense of poise – perfectly capturing the casual elegance of French country style.