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Red Duvet Cover sets

spark a fiery look with our red duvet covers.

The shade of precious ruby gemstones, tasteful malbec wine and sturdy burnt clay bricks – red is famed for its strong emotional impact. Our selection of red duvet cover sets has everything from quirky abstract designs to charming floral and nature scenes, in a vibrant range of clay, rust and ruby red hues. Shop the collection today.

Made in the UK from the finest 100% cotton percale and polycotton blend fabrics, our red duvet covers bring the perfect balance of drama and elegance. Enjoy unique reversible designs, neat button fastenings and easy-care cleaning options that cut the red tape around styling your space.

Red Duvet Cover sets


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Whatever shade you end up going for, introducing red to your home decor is always a bit of a bold move. It’s a dramatic shade that’s known for its associations with strong emotions, and is often shied away from in favour of less intense hues like yellow or orange.

Embrace the energy and celebrate your fiery side with one of our red duvet cover sets. We’ve got tons of bright floral and ruby red options that dial up the drama, as well as softer rust and burnt clay shades that bring the impact of red without all the intensity.

Sink into sumptuous 100% cotton fabric that captures the regal side of red – reaching glorious thread count highs of 200 and featuring brushed cotton options that ooze textured luxury. All toddler and single-sized red duvet cover sets come with one matching pillowcase, while double and larger sizes come with two.

Feeling a bit lost? Our no-fuss bedding buying guide is stuffed with handy tips, tricks and general bedroom styling info to help get you started.

what goes with red duvet cover sets?

It doesn’t take an interiors expert to work out why red isn’t the most popular choice for bedroom decorating. Our guide to colour psychology associates red with danger, energy and adventure – and that’s not exactly the vibe most people want in their sacred place of rest.

However, it’s about time that we cleared red’s name up a bit. Having a red duvet cover set doesn’t mean that your bedroom is going to be too intense and difficult to sleep in – it’s all about what you pair it with. The feeling your room creates doesn’t just depend on any one colour, but on the overall scheme you go with. 

Using complementary colours is a great way to balance out stronger shades like red, and allows you to use any colour combination while having control over the final emotional product. Green is directly opposite red on the colour wheel, so bringing in plenty of green accents – coupled with neutral touches – will give you a striking look that’s relatively laidback. 

how to style red duvet cover sets.

Green is red’s complementary shade, so work on bringing in a lot of green accessories that highlight your red duvet cover as a focal point. Darker forest shades of green will make your red bedding really pop, while introducing a calming element of natural serenity that’s perfect for the bedroom.

Go for soft sage green wallpaper, or add some visual interest by going mostly neutral with one statement green accent wall. Keep the motif going with a mix of green and cream cushions, and layer up the textural depth with a neutral knitted bed throw.

Neutral shades like grey, beige, white and black are always a safe bet when it comes to styling red duvet cover sets. Pairing vivid berry red bedding with pale grey wallpaper will calm the red’s intensity beautifully, while still making sure your colours are still popping. Keep things cool with icy white cushions and a cream bed throw, and bring in blush pink cushions or a pink pouffe for a splash of warming colour.