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Red Outdoor Cushions

bring fiery drama to your back garden with red outdoor cushions.

Whether you’re obsessed with striking shades or craving a dose of drama – our red outdoor cushions are the perfect garden accessories. Get fired up with daring abstract designs, or stay on the softer side with burnt brick and terracotta florals. Woven from UV and water-resistant fabric, they’re specially designed to withstand the elements. Shop the collection.

Our red garden cushions are must-have accessories for the outdoor season, boasting chic signature designs crafted right here in the UK. Go elegant with pretty summer florals, or embrace the drama with hypnotic swirls and gold leaf prints on radiant red backgrounds. Resistant to stains, water and the sun’s UV rays – say goodbye to withering cushions, and say hello to vibrant summer style that stays looking its best.

Red Outdoor Cushions

red outdoor cushions at

Delve into the universal hue of passion, drama and romance with our red outdoor cushions collection. From abstract swirls to sweet paisley florals and edgy Berber-style geometrics, our signature designs are guaranteed to make a striking impact in any outdoor space. Go bright and bold with vibrant hues and multicoloured details, or stay on the muted side with earthy brick and terracotta tones.

Our red garden cushions are made using soft and hard-wearing polyester, striking the perfect balance between comfort and durability. They’re resistant to both water and UV rays, meaning you don’t have to worry about showers, sunshine or a stray splash from the garden hose. Just bring them inside during extended bouts of bad weather, and you’ll have fresh-looking cushions for many summers to come.

why go for red outdoor cushions?

If you’re looking for accessories that will totally transform your open-air space – look no further than our red outdoor cushions. Passionate, powerful and brimming with positive energy, red is a colour that always makes an impact. Whether you’re looking to go luxe and sophisticated with rich wine shades, or relaxed and playful with sweet tones of berry – the versatility of red can be used to create a variety of styles and moods.

Red is a shade that works particularly well outdoors, due to its ability to complement the natural hues of most open-air spaces. If you’ve got lots of green, blue or bright yellow florals in your garden, red will harmonise with them beautifully. Go with bright, crimson shades to make your outdoor setting really pop, or stick with burnt brick hues for an earthier vibe.

what goes with red outdoor cushions?

Got your heart set on red outdoor cushions but not sure how to style them? Decorating with red can be daunting, but it’s a lot more agreeable than you might think. Versatile, expressive and always known to make a statement – it’s certainly not a shade you want to shy away from.

When it comes to introducing red garden cushions to your outdoor space, there are tons of styles and colour combinations to explore. Sitting directly across from each other on the colour wheel, red and blue make for a striking combination that will bring unique character to any outdoor space. Complement brighter red shades with deep navy throws for a refined look that still exudes energy, or stick with terracotta reds and dusky blue cushions for a more grounded feel.

Pinks, yellows and oranges will also look great alongside red outdoor cushions, creating a vibrant analogous scheme that’s beautifully blended. Scatter some blush pink outdoor cushions on your red sofa-scape, along with an orange throw and floral outdoor rug for a fresh meadow look that draws on organic garden hues.