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Blue Outdoor Cushions

capture cool waves + summer skies with blue outdoor cushions.

Nothing brings an outdoor space to life like a fresh blast of blue. Calming, cool and bursting with natural beauty, our blue outdoor cushions are guaranteed to elevate any garden. Explore majestic jungle florals and heritage animal designs. Or, keep it simple with sleek colour blocks in duck egg, neon aqua and sophisticated navy tones. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re dressing a new decking or breathing life into an old garden, our blue garden cushions are must-have outdoor accessories. All our outdoor cushions are made using weather-resistant polyester, protected against both water damage and fading from UV rays. Go with a standard-size blue outdoor cushion for your garden sofa, or take comfort on the go with a large 70x70cm floor design.

Blue Outdoor Cushions


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Our selection of blue outdoor cushions offers a stunning range of shades, from pretty and pale duck egg to dazzling neon aqua, to rich navy tones that bring a touch of elegance. We’ve also got an enchanting range of designs to suit any style, from majestic birds and busy bees to poised safari animals. Go quaint and floral with a soothing meadow vibe, or take a walk on the wild side with leafy jungle prints.

Ready to get your outdoor space summer-ready, but not sure where to start? Not to worry – our inspiration blog is packed full of helpful guides, expert design tips and seasonal style advice. Get to know our blue garden cushions a little better with our introduction to outdoor cushions, or embrace some design inspo with our tips for styling your outdoor sofa.

how to choose blue outdoor cushions.

Whether you’re curating a calming outdoor oasis or transforming your garden to an exotic villa paradise – you’ll find the ideal decor in our blue outdoor cushions collection. Colour psychology classifies blue as a cool, soothing hue that complements a range styles and looks. Our range of blue garden cushions is just as versatile, providing endless design possibilities for your open-air space.

We’ve got plenty of plain and muted designs if you’d rather keep your garden on the understated side. Choose from a huge variety of glistening neon shades, from electric aqua blue to sunshine yellow, or embrace a softer look with grey and olive green. If you’re looking for supersized comfort you can take on the go, we’ve got lots of 70x70cm outdoor floor cushions that’ll do the job.

For motif-loving maximalists, the possibilities are just as promising. Wander your way through our rich selection of floral, animal and abstract outdoor cushion designs, or unleash the villa vibes with bright statement prints.

how to style blue outdoor cushions.

You’re far from limited in the design routes you can go down when working with blue garden cushions. As it’s a famously calming and agreeable shade, blue will pair with most other hues beautifully. It’s also extremely versatile, so you can end up with two entirely different looks depending on the shade and design you go for.

Famous for its soothing and stress-relieving powers, it goes without saying that blue makes an ideal fit for minimalist spaces. Curate your very own zen garden with blissful shades of aqua and seafoam, or channel nature’s tones with a refreshing sky blue. Introduce knitted throws, neutral cushions and sculptural shapes in your accents for a cohesive minimalist feel.   

Prefer something a little more out there? We’ve got tons of blue outdoor cushions that bring a showstopping maximalist flair. Pair dazzling blues like cobalt or teal with summery shades of yellow, zesty orange and magenta for a sunshine spread of dazzling tones. Turn up the textural depth with a furry fleece or tasselled throw, and anchor the space with a statement outdoor rug.