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Teal Cushions

soothe yourself in sea shades with our teal cushion covers.

An uplifting, energetic shade that offers the best of both blue and green – a splash of teal is a welcome addition in any home. Although vibrant and eye-catching, our teal cushions make a perfect pairing with just about any colour. Sift through plush plain velvet, leafy jungle vistas and dazzling geometric designs in this eclectic range. Shop the collection.

Many of our cushions are hand-designed at our Yorkshire studio, and move on for manufacturing at our UK factory in Staffordshire. Choose from our durable polyester and luxurious duck feather inner pads, or order your teal cushion cover separately and fill it at home. Each cushion comes with a fitted and easy-to-use zip closure, ensuring easy removal when your cover needs cleaning or you fancy a change.

Teal Cushions


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A fresh and energetic colour that strikes a beautiful balance between blue and green – teal is one shade that’s sure to make a statement in any space. Our teal cushions collection is gorgeously varied, with everything from cool cyan and ocean blue to vivid turquoise and warming sea green. Keep a clean aesthetic with plain-dye velvet and classy piped trims, or explore your bolder side with an embellished statement pattern.

Need some inspiration? Head over to our blog for an impressive spread of practical guides and expert style advice, from how to arrange cushions on your sofa or bed through to finding the right colour cushions for your sofa.

what colours go with teal cushions?

When it comes to colour combinations, there aren’t many vibrant shades that possess the unique versatility of teal. While most bright, energetic hues can tend to overpower a space when laid on thick, the many differing shades of teal mean it can be perfectly pleasing to the eye when introduced carefully.

Teal and white is a classic calming combination that looks effortlessly understated without ever feeling boring. It’s light, refreshing and creates a breezy aesthetic that borders on coastal design. Top it up with pops of tan and natural wood tones in your furniture, and you’ll have a tranquil colour scheme that’s impactfully minimalist.

If you’re craving something a little more powerful, teal cushions sing in perfect harmony alongside saturated summer shades of pink, yellow and orange. Ground the look with neutral wallpaper for a calmer take, or up the stakes with a wall-to-wall teal backdrop.

how to style teal cushions.

We’ve already touched on the endless styling potential that comes with teal cushion covers, but there’s a lot more to it than just coordinating colours. 

Teal is a shade that can look completely different depending on the amount of natural light present in your chosen room. A southern-facing kitchen that’s constantly soaked in sunshine, for example, will highlight the green undertones of teal shades. In lesser-lit rooms that rely on artificial lighting, on the other hand, the blue pigment will be more visible.

This makes blue-tinted teal shades like aqua and cyan a perfect fit for snug bedroom environments, while more green-heavy teals will look better in busy, well-lit spaces.

As teal is such a dynamic hue, it’s a brilliant option for livening up rooms with lots of neutral tones. A living room with white walls, a grey sofa and plenty of neutral accents will greatly benefit from a splash of teal – keeping things sophisticated while introducing just a dash of playfulness.

The same applies to dramatic black-and-white schemes, which can end up looking a bit stark if they’re not broken up with something softer. A teal cushion works a treat in this scenario, adding endless interest while not getting lost in the monochrome drama. It acts as the ideal balancing force, while also being bold enough to make its own unique style statement.