Get the minimalist look with our Kindred duvet cover set

Switching up your duvet cover set is a quick and easy way to instantly refresh your bedroom. At furn. we absolutely love creating duvet cover sets that will allow you to make a statement in your bedroom with minimal effort. Let us introduce you to Kindred, our duvet cover set which wonderfully creates the  maximum style statement through minimalist design.

Inspiration and design.
At furn. we’ve been inspired by the simplicity trend. Simple line drawings of human portraiture which brings focus to the face and abstract expressions. The design for our Kindred duvet cover set celebrates uniqueness, individual identity and diversity through tonal hand drawn abstract faces.

A super versatile duvet cover set that can be used in almost any interior scheme and will see you through the different seasons. Soft furnishings and home accessories are now an easy way of introducing contemporary art into your home. Our Kindred duvet cover set is an abstract piece of art that is set to turn heads.

Photo credit: @my_house_on_abbey_road (Duvet cover set pictured Kindred)

Made from our classic easy care polycotton material, our Kindred duvet cover set is beautifully soft, comfortable and also durable. Polycotton bedding is a great choice if you are short on time as it is quick drying and requires minimal ironing after washing. Perfect if you want to wash your duvet cover set and get it back on the bed the same day.

Our Kindred duvet cover set is also reversible. Featuring an equally gorgeous rich reverse, giving you two completely different looks in one, perfect if you fancy a mid-week switch up to refresh your bedroom. This is a super versatile duvet cover set that will see you through the seasons.

Get the look.
If you want to complete the abstract faces trend in your bedroom, we have a gorgeous selection of simplistic portrait style line drawing cushions you can pair with the Kindred duvet cover set.

Cushions pictured from left to right: Duo, Uno, Emile, Mono Face, Karma, Features

The simplistic abstract face art accessories are a great way to add personality to your home, whether you prefer to mix and match or pick your favourite for a bold statement!

* Lifestyle photo credit of the Kindred duvet set @my_house_on_abbey_road