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how to clean + care for indoor rugs.

indoor florage rug with colourful flower print

leave muddy trails in the past with our helpful indoor rug cleaning tips.

Let’s face it, the UK isn’t short of excessive rainfall and pesky mud – the perfect combination to an indoor rug disaster. Our rugs are first to take the fall when it comes to muddy paws, boots or anything in between, which is why rug care should be a priority if you want to make your rugs feel, smell and look as fresh as possible.

Although cleaning large rugs can seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. The options aren’t limited when it comes to washing your rug, and usually depend on the material and make, with many rugs best off with a spot clean, while others can take more and are machine washable. Not sure where to begin? We’ve got the basics covered for you in our rug cleaning guide.

how to wash indoor rugs.
vacuum on indoor rug Rosa Tasselled Indoor Rug | Rosa 120x180cm Rug Navy/Gold

The way you should clean your indoor rug depends on a couple of things. First and foremost, what material is the rug made out of? Each material, whether it’s cotton, wool or polyester, should be washed differently. The best way of figuring out what your rug is made out of and the exact instructions on cleaning it is by checking directions on the tag of the rug, so we advise doing this first before diving into any cleaning ritual. However, here is a rundown on two of the most common materials – cotton and polyester…

spot cleaning a cotton rug.
florage indoor rug in peach
Florage 120x180cm Rug Peach

Rugs made from 100% cotton fabric, like our indoor rugs, are super soft and cosy, making the perfect addition to any family space, but it’s important to remember that they tend to need more care than polyester or plastic rugs, due to the material’s ability to soak substances in. Regular cleaning will make sure that your cotton rug keeps as new as possible and won’t meet its end sooner than necessary!

Start by giving it a good shake and vacuum – shaking the rug will loosen any mud and dirt that is trapped within the material which can then be sucked into a vacuum to give you a good foundation for deeper cleaning. As this step is relatively simple, we recommend doing so a couple of times per week to keep any excess residue at bay.

Once vacuumed, you can begin by spot cleaning your rug – spot cleaning is essentially targeting a stain without having to wash the entire rug which can save you time and money. Use a rug cleaning solution or a mild liquid dish soap (20%) diluted with warm water (80%) and always test a small patch of the rug to check for any damage. Only proceed with spot cleaning the entire rug if you are happy with your patch test result.

Now you have your soapy mixture or solution, carefully spot clean the rug by targeting stains. You can do so by dabbing (not rubbing) the stained area with a damp cloth, and repeating the process until the stain has been removed. If the stain still hasn’t budged, you can try leaving some solution on it overnight, or swap your solution for a more intense one in line with the instructions on the product’s care label.

Many rugs are washing machine-friendly, which makes life a lot easier for everyone involved! If you’re lucky enough for your rug to be compatible with washing machines and spot cleaning just isn’t cutting it for you, carefully follow the instructions on its label including temperature and drying advice.

washing indoor/outdoor rugs made from polyester.
Atlas indoor/outdoor rug in neutral washing machine in laundry room next to a rug
Atlas 120x170cm Outdoor/Indoor Rug Natural |

It’s no surprise that indoor/outdoor rugs are the new hype – you can switch between having stylish garden decor and a dining room centrepiece with just one product, which is one of the many reasons as to why these rugs are so ‘in’ right now. The other reason? They’re also super easy to clean.

Our indoor/outdoor rugs are made from polyester, a material which is machine washable (30 degrees max) and wipeable. Fear spillages no longer – liquids that have fallen on polyester rugs can be quickly wiped off and deeper stains can face the final cleaning destination… the washing machine.

We advise against tumble drying and dry cleaning polyester rugs, but again, please double-check your rug’s care label and follow any specific instructions on it. If you’d rather save the hassle of having to line dry your rug and want to attempt spot cleaning, follow the above instructions on spot cleaning, ensuring to test any solution before diving head-first into a cleaning frenzy.

Charais 120x180cm indoor Rug in Yellow Charais 120x180cm indoor Rug in Yellow on hardwood floors next to a chair
Charais 120x180cm Rug Yellow

Whether you enjoy a muddy walk out, have little ones and furry friends or simply want to refresh your rug, cleaning it doesn’t have to be an “I’ll do it someday” task. By checking the guidance on your rug’s care label and following our simple spot-cleaning guide, you can have your indoor rugs feeling as fresh as new, without the new price tag.

We want to stress how important it is to test any solutions and cleaning methods on a small patch of your rug before fully committing to it, and avoid using boiling hot water and any heavily coloured or fragranced products to avoid damage to your indoor/outdoor rug.

If your home is feeling a little cold, or you want to jazz up your living space without sacrificing hardwood floors and fresh carpets – our rug collection is the simple answer to your styling problems. Explore our collection of indoor rugs today.