Made to Measure Curtains: Buying Guide


Our Made to Measure curtains are the perfect way to personalise your home. With over 250 fabrics, 3 heading options and 2 lining preferences, you can find a pair to suit any interior. There is no need to wait as you will receive an instant quote on site! Select 5 free samples to help you decide which design is best for your room. Browse our Made to Measure curtains here. 

It is essential that you understand the header type that you require; you can do this by observing the type of window you have and the pole/tracks that you need to attach the curtains to. If you're still not sure what header you need, we have put together this handy Made to Measure Buying Guide:


Header types



Eyelet curtains, also known as 'ring top' curtains are a modern alternative to traditional pleated curtains. The metal 'eyelet' rings are threaded onto a curtain pole or rod which gives the curtains larger, contemporary pleats. Not only are eyelet curtains easy to fit, but they are considered a more practical choice as they open and close smoothly. As they are so durable and easy to use, we recommend eyelet curtains for children's bedrooms, however they are also perfect for any room in a busy household.

An eyelet header is for use on curtains poles only. Our eyelet curtains are made using 40mm eyelet holes which we recommend for poles up to 28mm in diameter to ensure easy movement along the pole. We have a range of premium eyelets offering a selection of Antique brass, Chrome, Gunmetal or Nickel to suit the overall look of your curtains. Check out how to measure for eyelet curtains here.

(In order: Antique Brass, Chrome, Gunmetal and Nickel)


Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleat curtains are made using tightly gathered folds of curtain fabric to create neat and uniformed pleats that look like a line of pencils... hence the name! The beautiful drapes created by the gathered fabric provide a classy and traditional look. When fitting pencil pleat curtains, you can adjust the pleats to your desired size. Pencil pleat headers are suitable for both poles and tracks. If you are using a pole, you will need curtain rings to fit them. Check out how to measure for pencil pleat curtains here.



Pinch Pleat

Pinch pleat curtains are a highly decorative heading as they feature tightly gathered fabric at the top of the curtain. They differ from pencil pleat curtains as the pinch pleats are permanently sewn in and cannot be changed making them easier to fit. The pinch pleats create full elegant folds in the curtain offering a decorative and traditional look. Similar to pencil pleats, they can be used on a pole or rod. If you are using a pole, you will need curtain rings to fit them. Check out how to measure for pinch pleat curtains here.


 Lining types



If you are requiring curtains that will reliably block out all light, then a blackout curtain lining is the perfect choice for you. Made using the best in class ‘3 pass’ manufacturing process, this is where the lining is formed using three layers of ‘foam’ (white, then black, then white again). This ensures that absolutely no light can be passed through the fabric, for total darkness. Our blackout lining also has thermal properties. The 3 pass curtain lining includes its natural ability to regulate room temperature. It keeps your room cool in the summer, and warm in the winter by ‘blocking’ the transfer of heat. This lining is perfect for any room where it is essential to block out any unwanted light and regulate the temperature.



Cotton Sateen

A cotton sateen lining for your Made to Measure curtains offers a smooth surface on the curtain's design It is highly durable, making them a suitable choice for children's bedrooms or busy households. The 100% cotton lining is crease resistant whilst providing full and tailored drapes. Cotton sateen is a popular choice of lining and you will usually find this on most curtains. 


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