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how to transform your student bedroom on a budget.

We all know that University bedrooms can be a little uninspiring. Whether you’re moving away to uni accommodation for the first time, or moving back into a house with your friends for your remaining years. You might be thinking, how can I add some of my own personality and transform my bedroom? If this sounds like you, then read on.

First time living away from home can be pretty daunting. The key to getting settled in your new bedroom is to create a homely feel. You can have a pretty, cosy and inviting environment without it breaking the bank, and here’s how. 

choose your bedding.
The bed is the main focal point of the room. So the easiest place to start when transforming your uni bedroom is choosing beautiful duvet cover sets. Whether you like bold and bright patterns, delicate and pretty florals or quirky abstract designs. Whatever your style, go with it.

A black and cream duvet cover set with an abstract design of moons, starts and other night sky motifs.

If you’re looking for a duvet set that is soft and durable, quick drying, super easy to care for and is likely to have minimal wrinkles after washing, then polycotton bedding is the one you want. Luckily for you, we have a vast range of polycotton duvet sets which are perfect for students, because who honestly has time to iron their sheets at Uni? 

Cotton bedding is also incredibly comfortable, however be warned that it may require some ironing. Alternatively you can reach for the crease release spray and hope for the best. It does however take longer to dry after washing, but cotton bedding is great if you have any allergies as it’s natural and breathable.

Yes you want your bedding to look beautiful, but you also want to make sure that you have a comfortable sleep. We know that students can often be up late burning the midnight oil, which means it is essential that your quilt and pillows are comfortable for those moments when you are trying to get some shut eye.

So what might you need to consider when choosing your quilt and pillows? Let’s start with your quilt. Make sure you buy the right size quilt for your bed, that’s the easy bit. Quite frequently at Uni to save space, bedrooms have ¾ beds. If this is the size bed you know you’ll have, you will want to purchase a double size quilt. It won’t be too big, you might just have a little more of an overlap.

Next, think about how thick you want your duvet to be. Some people get incredibly warm while they sleep, and some people prefer thick duvets to ensure they are snuggly and warm all year round. Most quilts can vary anywhere between the standard togs of 4.5 (thin and cool) upto 15 (perfect for winter). If you’re looking for a good all year round quilt, 10 - 13.5 togs might be the ones for you. Purely down to a matter of preference. 

Pillows! Consider how many pillows you are used to. For single beds you might want either one or two. And for double beds you might want two or four pillows depending on how thick your pillows are and if doubling up your pillows is essential. Don’t forget if you’re doubling up with your pillows, you might also need to purchase some additional pillowcases. A lot of duvet cover sets only come with either one pillowcase for a single size and 2 for a double or larger.

choose your soft furnishings.
If you want to create a super cosy vibe in your bedroom then it’s a really good idea to invest in some cushions and throws for your bed. Those extra layers will provide warmth and comfort when you want them most. You’re likely to spend a lot of time in your uni bedroom so you want to try and create a cosy and inviting space that you enjoy spending time in.

The amount of soft furnishings that you require is completely up to you. You could layer your cushions and throws to create a combination of colours, patterns and textures. Or you could opt for a couple of statement cushions and a throw to drape on the end of your bed.

Do you want your soft furnishings to compliment or contrast to your chosen duvet cover sets? If you have chosen a statement duvet cover set, you might want to think about adding some versatile cushions and throws that compliment the duvet cover sets that will also go with the different bedding options you have. Alternatively you can choose some contrasting statement soft furnishings that are equally as bold to make a real style statement.

Don’t forget cushions and throws are great accessories for when someone is having a film night. Grab your cushions, throw, and popcorn and off you go to get comfortable in your friend’s flat.

home accessories.
Another great way to help transform your new university bedroom is through lots of home accessories. This might be in adding some home fragrance to your bedroom. While we don’t recommend lighting candles in your uni bedroom due to fire safety, you can still introduce homely scents by using a reed diffuser. Another great way you can help make your space your own is through smaller accessories like plants and sweet little fairy lights for mood lighting. Though if you do opt for the plants, try not to forget to water them!

We all know leaving home for the first time to go to uni can make the best of us a little homesick. So lots of photos of your nearest and dearest is a really nice way to remind you of them. You can even add to these photos with the new memories you’ll make with your new uni friends.

Transforming your fresh new student bedroom doesn't have to break the bank. If you're still wanting some inspiration of where to start with your bedding, cushions and throws. Check out our student fresh start collection.