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Animal Towels

go wild for our animal towels.

Bring some untamed style to your bathroom decor with our stunning range of animal towels. From majestic patterns of lurking leopards to woodland creatures foraging amongst foliage – there’s something for everyone, from the tropical-obsessed to lovers of British wildlife. Shop the collection today.

Create your own animal towel set with our easy-to-use sizing options, which include everything from dainty face cloths to trusty hand and bath towels, to billowing bath sheets that emanate luxury. Manufactured from the softest 100% cotton fabric, our animal towels are a plump, fluffy, and durable addition to your bathroom decor.

Animal Towels

animal towels at

Whether you’re devotedly wild for all things animal, or you simply can’t resist the tropical zest of a bold leopard design – look no further than our beautiful collection of animal towels. Super stylish and always on trend, they’re sure to make a roaring statement in your bathroom decor.

Looking to revamp your bathroom with a brand-new bundle of fluffy towels? Our handy sizing options make creating your dream animal towel set a walk in the park. Just select the sizes you want, add to bag, and a full bathroom makeover will soon be on its way.

Not sure where to start? Our helpful towel buying guide breaks the whole process down into simple steps – taking the fuss out of furnishing your bathroom.

pattern + colour.

An animal towel is, of course, all about the animal pattern. In our collection, you’ll find a variety of gorgeous animal patterns to give your bathroom a breath of the wild. Experience everything from stunning motifs of lazing leopards, to scandi woodblock-inspired patterns of homely woodland animals. 

Browse our animal towels in a selection of fabulous colourways. Explore teal, orange, and ochre shades that bring a bright pop of colour, or go for jewel-toned emerald green or gold for a luxurious feel. If you’re looking for something a bit moodier, we have midnight blue and charcoal hues to introduce a sleek look. 


Envelop yourself in sumptuous comfort with our super soft and ultra-absorbent cotton animal towels. They’re made with a jacquard weave to create beautiful patterns and a fluffy, durable finish.

Enjoy a plump 550gsm cotton thickness, designed for the smoothest and plushest of drying experiences. What more could you ask for after a relaxing soak in the bath? 

how to style animal towels.

If you’ve decided to include animal towels in your bathroom, you’re probably a fan of a playful interiors that make a statement. Whether you want to build on a nature motif or create an eye-catching focal point, our animal towels are the perfect way to inject your bathroom with some wildlife-inspired style.   

Ground yourself in nature by pairing your animal towels with floral patterns and tonal greens. Sure to create a tranquil sanctuary vibe, the surrounding flora and fauna will make every bathroom trip feel like an exotic getaway. Go for a floral blind to complement your towels and roll out some green wallpaper to drive the wilderness vibe home.

Our animal towels are the ideal bold accents to complement a pared-back contemporary style, too. Use sleek, minimal accessories that allow your towels to really pop. Think metal mirrors, black tiles, and silver fittings for a fresh minimalist look with daring details.

No matter the size of your bathroom, creatively storing and displaying your towels is a great way to introduce subtle levels of style. Investing in a towel rail or shelf can make all the difference, providing valuable storage space while ensuring your animal towels claim their spot in the limelight.

If you’ve got the floor space, a free-standing rail or storage basket can work wonders. Our woven baskets are made from natural materials that are fully biodegradable, offering an eco-friendly storage solution that’s quaintly styled. Neatly fold or roll your animal towels, pop them in the basket, and you’ll have stunning bathroom accessories that are always on-hand, on-show and looking their best.