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Beige Bath Mats

bring natural shades into the bathroom with our beige bath mats.

Beige doesn’t have to be boring! Think warm oatmeals and taupes, light brown and sandy tones – it’s a versatile shade that can help create a soothing sanctuary. Our collection of beige bath mats help to create just that. Soft and durable, they’re the perfect greeting for your toes as you step out the shower. Shop the collection.

Ultra-absorbent and quick drying, our bath mats will keep your bathroom floor puddle free by soaking up any excess water that splashes out the tub. No matter your style, you’re bound to find the perfect beige bath mat to suit your bathroom décor.

Beige Bath Mats


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Indulge in all things natural with our stylish selection of beige bath mats. A vital part of every bathroom, a bath mat will inject your bathroom with not only personality and style, but safety as you step out the shower or bath and onto the floor. 

Introducing the natural look is easy with our beige bath mats. Beige is calming, easy on the eye and totally versatile! So, whether you’re looking to introduce a contrast colour, keep it simple and soothing, or just love the beige look, with our natural bath mats, you’re sure to get just the look you’re looking for. Delve into our collection and find stunning beige and oatmeal shades to update your space.

Our beige bath mats come in a selection of designs to fit your unique style. Minimalist, contemporary, or boho, our collection of beige bath mats is sure to spruce up your shower-space beautifully. 

Made from 100% cotton, sink your feet into the softest of textures. With up to 1500gsm thickness, our bath mats are super sumptuous and incredibly absorbent. Explore our range of oatmeal bath mats and find chunky tassels, ribbed details, bobble features, and banded trims to give your bathroom the transformation it’s looking for. 

Prevent any unwanted accidents! Our bath mats are complete with non-slip qualities to keep you and your family super safe as you clamber out the bath.

styling your beige bath mat to your bathroom.

When it comes to colour – beige is about as versatile as it gets. Matching with any other shade on the colour wheel, you can be confident in knowing that whatever hue you pair it with, your bathroom and bath mat will look fabulous no matter what. 

For a soothing and contemporary bathroom, pairing your beige bath mat with black accessories is the way forward. Beige with black is a subtle take on the classic black-and-white and provides a tranquil space for you to relax in. Go for sleek black tiling and bold black towels to offset your beige bath mat. 

Matching your beige bath mat will provide your bathroom with a cosy and rustic style décor. Go for full shabby chic vibes with a distressed wooden mirror above your sink and store beige towels on organic wooden shelving

If you’re all about the luxury aesthetic, a gold and beige colour palette is the one for you. Think gold tap and shower fittings, as well as gold door handles and doorknobs to offer a decadent shimmer. Include a gold mirror and plump white towels to complete the glamourous look as you bathe or take off your make up. Want more luxury bathroom inspiration? Here are 7 gorgeous ideas to add a little luxury to your bathroom.

how to clean beige bath mats.

As a pale colour, you won’t be surprised to know that beige can show the dirt. But don’t worry, cleaning your bath mat is an easy job. Damp bath mats harbour bacteria, so making sure they stay fresh and hygienic is vital. 

All our beige bath mats are machine washable so cleaning them is easy – just be sure to always follow the instructions on the care label first. We recommend your bath mat gets a good wash every three to four weeks, depending on how much footfall it gets.

First, give your bath mat a vacuum or a good shake outside. This will get rid of all visible dirt, and you can then go ahead and pop it in the washing machine. Higher temperatures are better to kill any bacteria build up, and a gentle cycle will keep the bath mat as fluffy and soft as day one.

Once washed, either tumble dry on a low heat or hang up until completely dry.