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ready made blackout curtains

unwind in delicious darkness with ready made blackout curtains.

Block light, create privacy and help keep that just-right temperature year-round with our ready made blackout curtains. Our multi-layered ‘3 pass’ technology uses three coats of insulating foam, guaranteed to stop even the slightest of rays from shining through. Embrace the darkness with a moody hue, or lighten things up with uplifting neutral tones. Shop the collection.

Nothing aids sleep like a fully blacked-out bedroom. From restless children to darkness-deprived shift workers who can’t tuck up till morning, our ready made blackout curtains provide the perfect sleep-inducing solution. Embrace the tranquility of sound-absorbing, temperature-regulating, 100%-blackout bliss.

ready made blackout curtains


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Combining convenience, quality and stunning signature design all in one – our ready made blackout curtains are the epitome of versatile style. Enjoy the true meaning of a great night’s sleep with thick 3-pass lining, multi-layered for a 100% blackout experience.

They’re also designed with thermal and sound-absorbing qualities, so they can even help to regulate your room’s temperature and noise levels. Say goodnight to irksome glares, chilly gusts and noisy neighbours, and discover true tranquility with our ready made blackout curtains.

Not sure on sizes? We’ve got a full range of made to measure blackout curtains too, and plenty of purely thermal options if you’re more concerned about keeping out the cold. Head over to our inspiration blog for a full curtain crash-course, from our comprehensive curtain buying guide to detailed measuring guides that make sizing simple. Our blackout curtains buying guide covers everything you need to know about the range, from our ready made blackout curtains to bespoke sizes and beyond.

what are ready made blackout curtains?

Ready made blackout curtains are designed to block out light. They’re designed with the highest level of 3-pass blackout technology, using three layers of light-blocking foam (white, black, then white again) that prevent rays from passing through. As long as they’re fitted correctly, our ready made blackout curtains will block 100% of light, whether that’s sunshine, streetlights or the blinding beams of traffic.

Many of our ready made blackout curtains also have thermal properties, meaning they’re designed to regulate your room’s temperature year-round. Our thick 3-pass lining is great for obstructing draughts and stopping heat transfer – ensuring heat stays in through the winter, and keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer. You’ll get some handy noise-reducing benefits too, perfect for light sleepers, loud areas and turning down the volume on noisy neighbours. 

are ready made blackout curtains thermal?

Yes, all of our ready made blackout curtains have built-in thermal properties. The same 3-pass lining that blocks light has the same effect on heat transfer, meaning your room’s temperature will be regulated year-round. They’ll stop heat escaping through your window in winter, and keep it safely outside in those sweltering summer months.

The thermal properties of our ready made blackout curtains can drastically reduce energy costs, keeping your room in a cosy sweet spot so you’re not always flicking on the heating. Layer up with cosy bedding and plenty of throws, and stay toasty through winter without hiking up your energy bill.