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Pinch Pleat Curtains

introduce elegance to your windows with pinch pleat curtains.

The most luxurious header type of all, pinch pleat curtains consist of sewn fabric pleats which create an elegant flow from top to bottom. Our collection’s got everything from sophisticated plain dyes to bold exotic prints, to quaint country florals that ooze traditional charm. Keep it formal with plain dye neutrals, or go shiny and chic and with a bright, striking print. Shop the collection.

Pinch pleat curtains epitomise grace and elegance, designed with heavy folds of fabric that fall and flow with luxurious thickness. Our double pinch pleat curtains feature a double fold at the top, perfect for showing off statement prints and patterns. With more fabric gathered together in folds, triple pinch pleat curtains are great for creating that ornately sophisticated feel.

Pinch Pleat Curtains


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Whether you love the sumptuous look of thick fabric folds, a statement pattern that steals the show or the sheer elegance of smart, tailored design – our pinch pleat curtains might just be your perfect match. We offer up to 5 free samples across all our curtain fabrics, ensuring you’re absolutely positive in your choice of window dressing.

Our pinch pleat curtains are all made to measure, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice a centimetre of accuracy in the final fit. Lose yourself in our plethora of signature prints and designs, from wild safari vistas to the homeliest of heritage motifs.

Not sure which type of curtain you want to go for? Lucky for you, we’ve got quite the collection. From convenient ready-mades to bespoke made to measure designs that promise the perfect fit, we’ve got curtains to suit all manner of window styles and spaces. Opt for a cool and contemporary touch with sleek eyelet curtains, or venture for something a little more sophisticated with our smart pencil pleat designs.

If you’re feeling totally lost, swing by our inspiration blog for a bunch of guides and specialist design tips. Enjoy an in-depth curtain masterclass with our made to measure buying guide, or consult our handy curtain fitting guide for all the specifics around hanging them up. We’ve even got a measuring guide for pinch pleat curtains which runs through everything you need to know about getting them sorted.

what are pinch pleat curtains?

Pinch pleat curtains are named after their specific style of header, whereby the fabric is gathered into elegant folds or ‘pleats’ along the top. These pleats are permanently sewn in place, creating a tailored look that can easily be displayed on either a curtain track or pole.

Depending on your curtains’ design, you might prefer to go with either a double or triple pleat. Double pinch pleat curtains have two layers of fabric in each fold, while triple pinch pleat curtains have three. Double pinch pleats are a popular choice for curtains with statement patterns, as less fabric is gathered in the pleats, and more is left on display. Triple pinch pleats are a slightly more luxurious choice, looking great on heavier fabrics like velvet or suede.

how to hang pinch pleat curtains.

Hanging your own pinch pleat curtains might seem daunting, but it’s a pretty simple process once you get going. The beauty of the pinch pleat design is that it can hang on either a track or pole – but if you are using a pole, keep in mind that you’ll need curtain rings to hang them up.

Our pinch pleat curtains come with adjustable hooks sewn in, saving you the tedious work of having to insert and adjust your hooks manually. Start by making sure the number of hooks on your curtains matches up with the number of rings on your curtain pole, or the number of runners on your track. This will save you from having to remove any extras down the line.

Begin threading the curtain hooks through the eyelets on your curtain rings, or fit them into the runners on your track. Start in the middle and work your way out, just in case you need to remove any extras at the end. Once you’ve inserted a few hooks, allow your curtains to hang and check if you’re happy with the fit. Adjust the height of the hooks if needs be, or keep inserting them until there’s one hook in each pleat.