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Cotton Bed Sheets

sink into classic bedding comfort with our cotton bed sheets.

A good night’s sleep starts with the dreamiest of bedding, and it doesn’t get much cosier than our soft cotton bed sheets. Natural, breathable, and expertly woven for an irresistibly smooth finish – discover the gold standard of bedding bliss. Keep it clean and pristine with plain hotel-style sheets, or invigorate your sleep sanctuary with a brilliantly bright design. Shop the collection.

From luxurious, 400 thread count Egyptian cotton to stylish sheets with signature Peter Rabbit™ designs – there’s something for every style of sleeper in our cotton bed sheets collection. Whether you’re after the easy-fit convenience of an elasticated fitted sheet, or the irresistible hotel comfort of a flat sheet, we’ve got bedding base layers to suit every style of sleeper.

Cotton Bed Sheets


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Our sumptuous cotton bed sheets are a dream come true for lovers of crisp and cosy comfort. Whether you’re obsessed with the serene finish of smooth cotton sateen, the flawless fit of perfect corner seams, or the uplifting character of a bright, colourful design – we’re sure you’ll find your new favourite bedding layer in this rich collection.

You’ll need more than just a bed sheet to make your sleep sanctuary a place you truly love, so don’t forget to browse the rest of our bedding collection. From hotel-quality quilts and pillows to pampering pillowcases and the dreamiest duvet cover sets, we’ve got every last detail to bring your bedroom fantasy to life.

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are cotton bed sheets good?

There’s plenty of reasons why cotton bed sheets are some of the most popular and trusted options for a great night’s sleep. The threads are made from natural cotton plants, giving them a fresh, organic feel that’s perfect for snuggling up in. The benefits of cotton bedding don’t stop there, as its breathability, moisture-wicking properties and ability to get softer with every wash all derive from its organic makeup.

Cotton bedding is also ideal for allergy sufferers, as its tight weave prevents dust mites, mould and other allergens from penetrating or settling in the fabric. If classic percale and sateen weaves aren’t tickling your fancy, another great benefit is that cotton sheets come in a variety of styles and options. Egyptian cotton bed sheets are a luxurious alternative, woven with long staple fibres that promise a sumptuously soft experience every time. Brushed and combed cotton are treated to make the fabric’s surface woolier or smoother respectively, allowing you to tailor your sheets’ texture until they feel just right.

what thread count is good for cotton bed sheets?

While high thread counts are often fussed over in the world of bedding and interiors, they certainly aren’t the only metric you should be looking out for. Thread count only truly applies to 100% cotton bed sheets with single-ply weaves, and you don’t need to look for an absurdly high number to find a comfortable sheet. A thread count of 200-600 is plenty for quality cotton sheets, with percale weaves thriving in the 200-400 range and sateen going all the way up to 600.

Keep in mind that some cunning marketers slap excessively high thread counts on polycotton or synthetic products. Polyester threads can be purposely manufactured extremely thin, meaning the sheets end up with a thread count that’s technically higher while not providing much added quality. This doesn’t mean that polycotton or fully synthetic sheets should be avoided, however, as they provide impressive durability and effortless easy-care that’s great for busier homes.