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Cream Ready Made Curtains

embrace a swoosh of sweet elegance with cream ready made curtains.

Tasteful, luxurious and effortlessly easy on the eye – our cream ready made curtains bring a sweet touch of style to any interior space. Choose from a transformative range of designs, from intricate jacquard florals to stunningly subdued plain-dyes and 100% blackout linings. Enjoy the simplicity of ready made sizes, captured in the gentlest set of soothing cream tones. Shop the collection.

Our cream ready made curtains are the perfect addition to any interior, showcasing a subtle range of shades that beautifully complement any style. Embrace the modern chic of sleek eyelet headings, or chance a more traditional look with sophisticated pencil pleats. Our ready made sizes are designed to fit the most popular window measurements in the UK, so you never have to fuss over finding the perfect fit.

Cream Ready Made Curtains


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If you’re stepping up your style and searching for the perfect hue to complement your decor, allow us to introduce our cream ready made curtains collection. Browse through an enchanting range of signature designs – lovingly created in the UK at our Yorkshire studio – and discover how we’ve taken cream to captivating new heights. Experience show-stopping shades of ivory, linen and luxurious champagne, guaranteed to make your cream ready made curtains a flattering focal point.

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what colours go with cream ready made curtains?

Our cream ready made curtains are a simple, no-fuss solution to all your styling needs, but where they really shine is in their versatility. As a rich, luscious neutral, cream complements just about every colour and hue. You can embrace a tonal look by coordinating neutrals like white, brown and beige, or dial up the drama with deep blues, powerful purples and glistening jewel-toned greens.

If you’re after a neutral minimalist look, our cream ready made curtains are the perfectly subdued choice. Cream is the slightly richer and earthier cousin of all neutrals, so going for a tonal scheme is always a stylish option. Use white wallpaper behind your cream ready made curtains to make them really pop, and stick with a more subtle design to keep your look simple and streamlined. Introduce pops of warmth with brownbeige and warm grey cushions, and complete the look with a toasty earth-toned throw.

While subtle, cream is anything but boring. Sprucing up your cream ready made curtains couldn’t be easier, thanks to their unique ability to complement all manner of shades. Cream and blue sit directly across from each other on the colour wheel, creating a fresh and uplifting atmosphere when paired together. Use white or pale grey wallpaper to set a tranquil scene, and introduce colour with blue cushionsthrows and upholstery in irresistibly rich tones.

If a more opulent look sounds tempting, try pairing your cream ready made curtains with luxuriously warm tones of red, purple and brown. Cream has brown undertones, so it feels right at home alongside other brown-tinged shades. Warm beige wallpaper will create a stunning contrast, while earthy brown tones in your accent pieces will keep everything working in harmony. Finish things off with fetching focal points in deep shades of mauve, burgundy and plum – you’ll have a relaxing scheme that still feels stately and sophisticated.