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Floral Bedding Sets

set your space abloom with floral bedding sets.

Vibrant, fun and the perfect symbol of sunshine seasons – we can’t think of many reasons not to bring floral bedding to your decor. From blooming botanicals in bright reds and ochres, to deep leafy patterns in midnight black and ivy, to clean white neutrals that exude flowery freshness – we’ve got something to suit every interior style. Shop the collection.

Boost your mood and your comfort with dazzling floral patterns printed on the finest cloud-like fabric. Explore crisp 100% cotton sheets that lay the perfect foundation, smooth sateen pillowcases with stylish piped trims, and chic continental shams that provide a certain je ne sais quoi for the luxury interior.

Floral Bedding Sets


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A timeless style that’s been on-trend since the dawn of interiors, it’s safe to say that floral designs have undergone massive evolution over time. With each season comes fresh new trends, new ideas and new colours of the moment – yet the floral pattern has stood the test of time. From traditional damask designs printed on rich heavy fabric, to exotic jungle foliage with a fresh tropical twist, to minimalist abstract blooms in warm earthy tones – our floral bedding collection celebrates the full force of the floral motif.

On the hunt for new bedding and not sure where to start? Take a look at our helpful bedding buying guide for a full rundown on all things sleepy – from fabrics to sizing, thread counts to styling and more.

how to style floral bedding. 

Whether you want to embrace the whimsy of wildflower meadows with a dreamy floral duvet set, rest your head on a bouquet of botanical beauty with a floral sham or pillowcase, or lay down the perfect bed of roses with our fitted flowery bed sheets – you’ll find the perfect petal-peppered solution with us.

We’ve already done a deep dive on this timeless pattern with our floral design spotlight blog post, so check that out if you’re a floral fanatic and want to find out more.

If you’ve already got boldly patterned feature wallpaper in your bedroom, try to avoid intense floral bedding that will make your space look bloated or busy. There’s no crime in going with wall-to-wall dazzling patterns if that’s your preferred look, but a well-rounded bedroom should include a balance of shades and patterns that make you feel energised without being overstimulating.

Go with cool, calming hues like mint, eucalyptus or aquamarine to balance out any intense colours or patterns elsewhere in your bedroom. Or, embrace the warmer side of the colour wheel with soothing earthy shades of ochre, clay and blush pink. We’ve also got plenty of neutral floral bedding if you want your bed to feel like the ultimate oasis of calm. Crisp whites, sleek greys and dramatic black hues bring the perfect tranquil counterpoint to a bright and busy bedroom.

If you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and want some bold floral bedding to liven up your muted room, we’ve got tons of vibrant options. Look for dazzlingly detailed patterns in rich vivid shades like ivy, deep burgundy and jewel-toned teal. Layer up with crushed velvet cushions, a quilted bedspread and a cosy knitted throw for the ultimate fusion of fancy textures. Your bed will become the focal point of your room, and will shine all the brighter alongside a neutral or subdued decor.