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Pink Duvet Cover Sets

get cosy and rosy with our pink duvet cover sets.

Once solely associated with little girls’ bedrooms, pink’s true style potential is now being realised. From soft blush and pastel hues to punchy shades like fuchsia and magenta, our pink duvet cover sets collection explores the full scope of this dynamic colour. Experience an eclectic range of signature designs, featuring floral, animal and abstract patterns. Shop the collection today.

Our selection of pink duvet cover sets is made from the finest 100% cotton, polycotton and polyester fabrics, for a sumptuously soft finish that’s impressively hard-wearing. Most sets are machine washable, but have a look at individual product pages for specific washing guidelines. Kids’ and single size duvet sets come with one matching pillowcase, while double size and upwards come with two.

Pink Duvet Cover Sets


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Whether you’re looking to dial up the sweetness with a pink base colour scheme, or add a whisper of playfulness with subtle blush detailing – our pink duvet cover sets collection’s got something for you. 

Our range features some reversible designs if one look simply isn’t enough – offering a quick and easy style switch-up whenever you fancy a change. 

We come out on top for quality as well as style. Our pink duvet sets are made from the finest quality cotton, polyester and polycotton-blend fabrics, offering serious comfort and reliable durability that’ll have you resting easy in every sense of the phrase. 

Most pink duvet cover sets are machine washable, but make sure to have a look at the individual product pages for specific cleaning guidelines. 

Want to know more? Our helpful bedding buying guide takes you through all the finer details, from materials to sizing, thread counts to styling and more. 

how to style pink duvet cover sets.  

Pink has come a long way since the days of being sneered at as a childish or sickeningly-sweet feminine colour. It’s an extraordinarily versatile hue, and fits in just about any interior style given the right shade and colour combinations are used. 

If you’re apprehensive about bringing pink into your space, our deep dive: pretty in pink interiors blog post is the perfect beginner’s guide. We cover everything from the history of pink to winning colour combinations, to general styling tips and more. 

For a mindful, organic look – work within the earthy palette of pale pink, sage green and light woodland neutrals. Go for a blush duvet cover set and layer up the look with a sage green throw and some green cushions. Don’t be afraid to bring in some gentle geometric or floral patterns to add some edge and depth to your gentle colour scheme. Complete the look by peppering in natural adornments like wooden lights, a wooden mirror or some indoor plants.  

If you’re an unabashed maximalist and want your bedroom to become an explosion of energy, there are plenty of bold colour combinations to suit your taste. Look for a bright candy floss pink duvet cover set, and pair with zesty orange cushions and a luminous yellow rug or throw. The fresh citrussy shades will cut into the sweetness of the pink perfectly, leaving you with a well-balanced colour scheme that really pops. Calm things down with some cool grey cushions, and the end result will be a bright and energetic space that maintains a slightly grown-up feel.