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Scandi Bedding

snuggle up in simplified style with our scandi bedding.

Sleek, straightforward and irresistibly cosy – say hello to the stylish simplicity of scandi bedding. From smooth stripes to thick waffle weaves, plush plain-dye linen to tranquil woodland florals – our scandi bedding brings no-fuss practicality in a characteristically casual Nordic style. Shop the collection.

Refreshingly simple, effortlessly stylish and undeniably warm and toasty – our scandi bedding sets are for the minimalism lovers who simply won’t compromise on cosiness. Whether you’re planning a full scandi home makeover or you just want a touch of winter-warming goodness – you’ll find the perfect snuggly option with our selection of scandi bedding.

Scandi Bedding


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The quintessential decor style for cosy-obsessed minimalists with a taste for quality furnishings – you won’t find a marriage of function and style quite like our scandi bedding. Scandi design first emerged in the Nordic countries (namely Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway) during the 1950s. Both an endorsement of the minimalist mindset and a response to the colder climate and shorter daylight hours, Scandi design focuses largely on practical elements like light and warmth while offering refreshing minimalist designs.

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what is scandi bedding?

If you were to sum up scandi interior design in just a few words – they would be simplicity, practicality and cosiness. The style focuses heavily on the Danish concept of hygge, whose layered definition basically comes down to a cosy feeling of contentment.

If you’re living in a colder climate, tend to feel chillier in your home at certain times of the year or simply love enveloping yourself in snuggly bundles of warm fabric – scandi bedding sets might just make your perfect toasty match.

Throughout our collection, you’ll find a nuzzle-worthy mix of cosy fabrics and sleek minimalist designs that’ll keep you warm year-round, while grounding your space in warm and earthy neutral shades.

how to style scandi bedding.

One of the great things about scandi design is that you don’t have to fully embrace the style to reap its benefits. As scandi furnishings are simple in design, they’re generally quite adaptable and won’t look out of place alongside other styles. However, if you’re craving the full scandi experience and want your space to feel like a comforting hub of hygge – we’ve got a couple of useful tips you can use.

Because it emerged in Nordic countries where natural light can be hard to come by, scandi design carries heavy associations with an all-white aesthetic. A purely white bedroom is optimal for reflecting and bouncing natural light around, leading to a brighter and more spacious feel in the darker seasons. Layer your white scandi bedding with a white cushion or two, and go with a grey or off-white throw for some gentle contrast.

While scandi design is quite minimalist and there’s an emphasis on neutral shades, there’s certainly no rule against adding in an eye-catching pop of colour. Scandi design focuses on colours that can be found in nature, so going with warm earthy shades is a great way to nail the look. Think warm olive or sage green cushions, chestnut brown throw blankets and raw wood furniture for a wholesomely natural scandi palette.