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White Duvet Cover sets

sink into pure serenity with our white duvet cover sets.

The shade of purity, cleanliness and serenity – white is the perfect peaceful colour to bring into your bedroom décor. From crisp and clean monochromes, to vividly colourful floral designs and sensuous textured fabrics, our white duvet cover sets collection explores a new side of the purest form of neutral. Shop the collection today.

Our white duvet cover sets are made from the finest 100% cotton and polycotton blends, for a sumptuously soft sleep that won’t leave you down on durability. Gentle on skin, hard-wearing and easily cleaned – our fabrics provide the ultimate marriage of comfort and quality. Most sets are machine washable, but make sure to check individual product pages for specific cleaning guidelines.

White Duvet Cover sets


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With cloud-like softness and durable fabric that won’t let you down, our selection of white duvet cover sets will bring the ideal blend of luxury and function to your bedroom décor. Weaved from the finest 100% cotton and polycotton blend fabrics – each set is hard-wearing, easily washable and serenely soft. 

If you’re still not convinced, our 7 incredible benefits of 100% cotton bedding blog post is packed with interesting advantages of pure cotton bedding that you might not have heard of.  

Toddler and single sized duvet sets come with a cover and one matching pillowcase – while double, king and super king sizes include a set of two.

Want to know more? Our helpful bedding buying guide gives a breakdown of all the finer details – from fabrics to sizing, thread count and more.

why go for white duvet cover sets?

When it comes to bedding, duvet covers and other soft furnishings – it’s safe to say that white gets somewhat of a bad rap. We’ve all heard the warnings that white stains easily, doesn’t wear well and is a general headache to maintain. 

However, the criticism isn’t exactly justified. With the right knowledge and proper maintenance, a white duvet cover set can be a stunningly stylish and simple-to-manage addition to your bedroom décor. 

In design terms, you won’t find a bedding colour that’s more hassle-free than white. The purest form of neutral, white pairs perfectly with just about any colour – taking away all the stress that comes with worrying about colour coordination and complex tone schemes.

If you have a spill or end up with an unexpected stain on a white pillow, you can easily swap it out for whatever pillowcase you have handy. The neutral and uniquely matchable quality of white means that stressing about clashing colour schemes is a thing of the past. 

how to style white duvet cover sets. 

The elegant simplicity of white means that it’s a perfect fit for most interior styles, but it particularly shines in clean and understated minimalist spaces.  

If you want to keep up the crisp colour scheme while adding a light and airy feeling to your bedroom, pair your white duvet cover set with white or bright beige wallpaper. White reflects natural light better than any other colour, so using it in your wallpaper is a great way to create a sun-kissed effect. You’ll also get the added benefit of making your bedroom feel bigger, as the light-reflecting qualities of white will create the illusion of a bigger space.

Choosing a white duvet cover set gives you a stunning blank canvas in your bedroom décor which can be layered up or kept simple. For a pared-back minimalist look, layer your white bedding up with some neutral-hued brown or plain beige cushions. Bring in a grey or cream throw to build on the neutral look, and you’ll end up with a crisp and simple minimalist look that exudes spa luxury. 

To bring in some visual interest without sacrificing the soothing effect of your white duvet cover, try playing around with the more dramatic end of neutral shades. Layering some decorative black cushions on your bed will create a monochromatic effect that’s ideal for an edgier look.

Alternatively, bring in some strong patterning with a striped knitted throw or  geometric cushions in neutral hues. This will maintain your clean-cut minimalist style while adding a healthy dose of drama and playfulness to your look.