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Yellow Duvet Cover Sets

butter up your bedroom with yellow duvet covers.

The universal hue of happiness, spontaneity and springtime sun – you can never have too much yellow in your bedroom. From luxury cotton-rich quilts in thick honey shades, to cheery tropical and floral patterns swimming in ochre – our yellow duvet cover sets have it all. Shop the collection.

Enjoy superior style that’s a dream to clean with our machine washable easy-care options. Your yellow duvet cover will be shining bright far into the future, and our handy reversible designs offer a quick style shakeup whenever the mood strikes. Whether you’re after an ochre duvet cover that’s overflowing with florals, or a deep mustard cover to up the luxe factor – our selection of yellow duvet sets has you covered.

Yellow Duvet Cover Sets


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yellow duvet cover sets at

Illuminate your space with our dazzling yellow duvet cover sets collection. We’ve got everything from bright sunny ochres that set the scene for summer, to rich mustard duvet covers fit for a king.

Indulge your finer tastes with 200 thread count sateen and crisp percale cotton – designed to give you that fresh hotel bed feeling at the end of every day. 

Our toddler and single sizes come with one matching pillowcase, while double sizes and upwards come with two.  

Got a question? Our handy bedding buying guide is brimming with helpful information, sure to help you iron out any bed-related queries.

what goes with yellow duvet cover sets?

Good news for yellow fanatics - it’s an easy colour to coordinate with in your decor. Paler lemon or ochre shades can even function as neutrals in the right colour scheme, free to be brightened up or made moodier depending on what look you’re going for.

Combining yellow with neutral tones like white, black, grey or beige is a tried and tested style – perfect if you want to keep a sleek, sophisticated look that’s not too overpowering. Smaller spaces in particular can become bloated – and even appear smaller – with too much strong colour, so a neutral can offer the perfect calming effect.

Pair your rich mustard duvet cover with white wallpaper and white or cream cushions for an airy effect that’s steeped in springtime brightness. Bring in earthy details like a brown cushion, jute fabric or a houseplant to lean into the organic look.

Love starting drama? Yellow and black is a timeless pairing that brings character like few others do. Couple a strong, buttery ochre duvet cover with black wallpaper, black lights and a few black cushions for a chicly moody look. Hike up the high-end vibe by introducing black velvet cushions – they’ll fit the dramatic feel like a glove, and the rich fabric will bring striking levels of class.

how to style yellow duvet cover sets.

Yellow sits right across from blue and purple on the colour wheel, so any shade in that area will create a beautiful contrast that draws the eye.

Yellow and pink (particularly blush and coral) is a winning combo if you’re after a bright, summery space that’s chock full of character. Pair your yellow duvet cover set with a blush pink throw and pink curtains for a sumptuously sweet look that’s charmingly feminine.

Looking for something a bit bold with a soft coastal edge? Royal blue is the perfect counterpart to yellow, cooling down its sunny warmth while bringing a jolt of regality. Create wall-to-wall drama with vivid blue wallpaper, or keep things balanced with a standout blue accent wall. Calming neutrals like beige wallpaper and brown cushions will tie in effortlessly with this colour scheme, while dialing the drama down a notch or two.