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Introducing… home fragrances to help you set the mood

Our new home fragrance collection has landed!

Discover delicious scents to help you create the mood you want in your home. Our new home fragrance collection is inspired by the furn. patterns that you already know and love – Wildings, Amazonia, Kindred and Bee Deco. Each one will help you to set the tone for your home, whether you’re looking to create an invigorating, romantic, happy or relaxing atmosphere.

Our collection features four gorgeous scents, all available in candle, reed diffuser and room spray form. With a minimalist glass and wood design, they complement a wide range of décor styles too. 


why is home fragrance important?

Scent is the first thing you notice when you walk into any room. You’ve carefully chosen wall colours, décor, lighting, and even music to create a certain mood, so you can’t neglect the way your home smells. It’s an essential part of your home experience.

Fragrance can help you feel relaxed, happy or focused, depending on the scents you use. Choose yours to set the scene in your home.


furn.’s new home fragrance collection

Our new home fragrance collection has been carefully developed over the course of two years. Want to see how we did it? Go behind the scenes.



uplifting bergamot + honey.


Perfectly paired with our popular Bee Deco print, Divine is an uplifting scent designed to make you feel happy when you walk into your room. Just like the luxury gold detailing and modern bee design in the pattern, the Divine scent is feminine, sweet and fruity.

Ideal for greeting guests in your entranceway, or in the bedroom to wake you up in the morning.


head notes – bergamot + plum | heart notes – honey + rose | base notes – amber + vetiver


*Did you know?
The head notes are the first scent you’ll smell, with the heart notes following soon after. Finally, you’ll smell the base notes (usually blended with the heart notes for a deep, complex scent).  



reviving earth moss + woods.


Botanica is a refreshing scent that blends peppermint and citrus with earthy, woody notes. Designed to go perfectly with our lush jungle print, Amazonia, it helps you feel invigorated and ready for action. 

Pop in the bathroom for a fresh start to your day, or in your home workspace to help you focus.


head notes – aquatic + citrus | heart notes – peppermint + lavender | base notes – patchouli + vetiver



alluring summer blooms.


For a bit of holiday romance at home, our Kindred fragrance is the perfect scent. It combines soft floral notes and fresh summer berries to give your home a serene feel. This scent sets off our Kindred print perfectly to create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Place in the living room or bedroom to evoke feelings of summer love.


head notes – red berries + pink pepper | heart notes – rose + orris | base notes – patchouli + musk



warming Moroccan amber. 


Wildling is a delicious blend of amber and musk with cinnamon, black pepper and mandarin. It’s exactly the sort of scent you imagine when you look at our Wildlings pattern – full of exotic animals, flowers and leaves.

Perfect for the bedroom to create a sensual mood, or in the living room for a cosy feel.


head notes – bergamot + grapefruit | heart notes – cardamom + gardenia | base notes – amber + cedarwood