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cottagecore decor: create your dream cottagecore house.

green forest bedding with cottagecore decor

cosy up with cottagecore.

Gorgeous blooms, earthy tones, woodland prints and animal motifs come to mind when cottagecore decor is mentioned, but what exactly makes this interior choice so popular? Its warmth and sense of homeliness, of course.

Made popular during lockdown, the cottagecore home aesthetic doesn’t seem to have shifted much, and is still a sought-after interior option. Cottagecore can be filled with fringe and frills for a feminine touch, or kept classic and rustic with wooden accents and warm hues – adapt cottagecore to your personal taste and bring the stylish farmhouse vibe to your space.

what is cottagecore?
blue forest bedding pillows satg cushion in red on wooden cottage style table

Remember the cute, homely cottage that Cameron Diaz swapped for her lavish city pad in The Holiday? That envelops cottagecore pretty well. It’s a mix of country chic and rustic farmhouse features with a sprinkle of maximalism, although it can be as extra or stripped-down as you make it. Cottagecore has been here, there and everywhere throughout the decades, but it was really made popular during the pandemic, with social media going crazy over cottagecore decor in 2018-2021.

In a time of basics and neutrals, this trend seems to stick out to many, because not only does it accept clutter but almost encourages it. Cottagecore is all about layers and textures – think tasselled throws, printed cushions and a kitchen that isn’t afraid to have exposed crockery with wooden accents. True comfort is at the heart of cottagecore, so not only will these textures accentuate your living space but will also build a pleasantly homey foundation for your interior.

As a whole, cottagecore embraces the charm of classic British cottages, which were usually found to have stylish kitchens as their focal points, sometimes an open fire, and plenty of cosy textures to snuggle into. Achieving this aesthetic doesn’t have to be hard, and even without a Cotswolds cottage at hand, you can still bring the rustic appeal of cottagecore into your home.

cottagecore bedroom decor.

Bringing cottagecore to the bedroom can be a great option for the countryside lover, embracing the fresh feel of nature in what should be the most relaxing room of your home. Build your own humble abode with animal motifs, floral murals and beautifully warm tones.

forest fauna green bedding with cottage decor

The true centrepiece of every bedroom is the bed. Opt for bedding encompassed in delightful prints like woodland wonders or animal designs that feature your favourite forest fauna. Bedding certainly doesn’t have to be bland, with maximalist designs settling perfectly into the cottagecore aesthetic. Experiment with colours, patterns and prints that get your humble abode really feeling like a cottage dream.

blue sherpa throw country print decor

Layer, layer and layer again. Texture is important in cottagecore, think of the breezy English countryside and wrap up warm with throws. If you’re prone to getting cold feet, pull over a thick sherpa or knitted throw, or choose something lighter such as cotton throws for an all-year-round cocoon. These additions are great for the bedroom, creating true comfort to relax in at the end of a busy day.  

cottagecore living room.

Make the most popular room in your home a true cottage-scape with country designs and natural elements. The cottagecore living room is one that radiates warmth, perfect for hosting family board games or cosy movie nights that are bound to cause unsurprising naps on the sofa.

three bee cushions in cottagecore style

Florals, fauna and forest prints, but how to incorporate them? Well, through cushions, obviously! Cottagecore loves texture as we’ve mentioned before, so adding a couple of cushions is a must. Spruce up your sofa with a barrage of cushions, whether it’s stunning printed designs or plain textured cushions in earthy hues, you can layer until your heart’s content. If you’re not sure about how to layer cushions on your sofa, we have some helpful tips that might give you some inspiration.

yellow woodland print draught excluder

Wondering how to take your living space to the next level? Accessorise even further with printed draught excluders that match your cushions, creating an elevated cottage interior while also blocking out the pesky British breeze. Or, our adorable animal-shaped are irresistibly cute and make a great additional touch of detail to a cosy home.

cottagecore kitchen.

At the centre of every dream cottagecore house is a rustic kitchen that is made for hosting, cooking and everything in between. But even if you don’t have too much space to work with, you can definitely still create a kitchen that’s straight out of The Holiday

wild garden table linen

Exposed crockery and wooden chopping boards that line your kitchen’s walls can build up that cottage look. Typically, a cottagecore kitchen not only looks but feels like it’s being used, and is unafraid to have some loose kitchen towels and fruit baskets lying around. Unlike the untouched minimalist style, cottagecore’s comfortability and homeliness can be seen throughout the choice of decor. Bring out your best pots and pans and stack them in an orderly fashion, or opt for strong wooden chopping boards that look great when hung up.

green table linen vinea

Set the table with beautiful table linen that makes a stunning table-scape for hosting, welcoming guests into your jolly dwelling that has truly embraced the countryside feel. Table linen can really accentuate a dining area, so choosing refined country prints that are ideal for a cottagecore house will be the perfect finishing touch you’re looking for.

If you’re after a home that truly welcomes warmth, cosiness and the beautiful countryside in every aspect, then cottagecore is for you. Add your own twist through colour and pattern, or stick to rustic and earthy choices – it’s up to you. All we know is that cottagecore is here to stay, and will be a great interior style to follow throughout the years.