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countryside chic: country home style.

three country print cushions on floral duvet set

“because I live in the countryside, I want a building which encourages me to have a fully formed relationship with the environment.” – Kevin McCloud, British designer.

Whether you live in the British countryside or in the middle of London, country interiors can be adapted to an array of homes and tastes, personalising it to your preferences. Country is chic, it’s timeless and it embraces nature-inspired textiles with open arms. Merging classic decor with modern finishing touches, country homes ooze warmth with heritage patterns and natural materials.

Inspired by old country farmhouses and cottages, this style is achieved through printed cushions, layered throws and plush bedding. Want to create your own picturesque countryside cottage? Choose country style.

what is country home style?
harewood woodland printed duvet set in green with wooden bed frame harewood woodland printed duvet set in green with wooden bed frame

The country look has a unique authenticity about it. Think animal motifs, colours reflecting nature’s stunning hues and ambient lighting, with wooden accents and greenery. At its core, country home decor is the opposite of what the hustle and bustle of city life brings – it’s calming, warm and comfortable.

Often inspired by animals found within the British countryside, artwork and printed fabrics are a traditional aspect of the country style. After all, who doesn’t love Highland cows, right? This can also include rabbits and hares, bumble bees, game birds and other wildlife.

Country home style is also influenced by the foundations of traditional British homes, with exposed wooden beams and brickwork being key characteristics of country-esque spaces. Think country kitchens with crockery displayed on open shelving units and pots and pans hanging from hooks and beams.  If you’re not lucky enough to live in a country cottage similar to the one in The Holiday, you can weave similar elements through your home decor to nail the look.

a brief history of country style.
fox cushion in red woodland printed fleece throw on chair

The country style merges modern and timeless chic; many people who adopt this style have vintage pieces passed down for generations or found at antique shops across Britain. This English cottage-like style of decor is mostly a look comprising years of layers built in the large country homes of true countryside lovers, hence nods to animals usually found in farmland.

Quickly spreading across Europe and the Americas, the Brits have adapted the style to be what it is today; full of life, cosy, with touches of traditional decor and natural prints.

Made popular in mainstream media by cliche rom-coms and British celebs, this interior style is certainly not going out of fashion anytime soon, and is often associated with affluent homeowners due to the price point of natural materials such as oak and stone. In more recent years, the country look took social media by storm as ‘cottagecore’ began trending on popular platforms, meaning everyone from Gen X to Gen Z hopped onboard the country chic carriage by embracing florals and traditional patterns.

how to create a country style home.

Country interiors are ones with an authentic, rustic feel and are known for their blend of modern and traditional decor. They’re also quite versatile and can adapt to personal preferences depending on your tastes. With that being said, the country look does have some stand-out features; natural materials, prints, a mix of textures and a muted colour palette usually reflecting nature’s hues.

Choosing a natural bedding set and layering on checked throws, cushions, and quilted bedspreads will create the ultimate comfort and country bed-scape, or opt for wooden accents and prominent crockery to elevate your kitchen.

Although country decor doesn’t have as many ‘rules’ as other trends, you can incorporate the British countryside into your home through various common features.

make use of prints + patterns.
woodland printed curtains in a country style living room

Country chic is all about the patterns and prints. Whether it's florals, woodland prints or nods to your favourite countryside companions, prints are highly encouraged in neutral or muted hues.

Traditionally, tartan, stripes and herringbone patterns are common through country cushions and home accessories while florals and animal designs can be a fantastic feature on country style curtains and bedding, taking your living area to new heights. This is also a great way of personalising your home – choose what patterns you like most, and don’t be afraid to mix them up.

Whether it’s animal motifs or cottagecore florals, country prints are beautifully tasteful.

layers, layers + layers.
woodland animal printed duvet cover set on bed with cushions and throws

The British countryside is renowned for having an almost all-year-round chill, so to warm up your interior and bring the true country feel in, start layering. From knitted throws to soft, plump cushions, they’re sure to add a country feel to any seat you choose to place them on. Fabric is everything when it comes to country interiors – choose quality, timeless fabrics that ensure utmost comfort.

As extra home accessories and to build more layers of decor, you can opt for country draught excluders and doorstops. Draught excluders will keep the chill at bay and are great for extra insulation in your home, while animal-themed door stops will hold your doors open adorably. Both home accessories add another layer of charm and style to your interiors.

natural materials.
white throw on wooden chair

When it comes to decorating your home with country home decor, the use of natural materials is arguably one of the most important aspects. Wooden accents mixed with stunning metallics such as brass and copper create a modern take on the traditional country interior. If you’re fortunate enough to live in an older home with exposed wood beams or brickwork, make the most of it by pairing it with a wooden dining table set.

remain authentic.
fawn animal printed cushion on wooden chair

One of the best things about country interior design is its versatility – you can weave your own flair into every home accessory. As this style has developed over the years, many country interior lovers opt for adding vintage pieces or personal collector items to their living space, which only brings more unique detailing to your home. Tell a story through your home, and create a comfortable, warm space that you can relax in on a gloomy day.

Country interior is about creating a warm, cosy and ‘homely’ feel to your living space, introducing a quintessentially traditional yet contemporary look with animal motifs, woodland prints and natural materials. Muted tones and natural hues are encouraged, reflecting the colours found throughout the stunning countryside.

When it comes to decorating your home with country style home decor, there are so many ways to achieve the gorgeous look. Whether you want a light and airy look in the living room or a warm and muted aesthetic in the bedroom, the country style encompasses an assortment of looks to leave you feeling as cosy as can be.

No matter if your interior tastes lean more towards vintage, minimal or traditional, the country home style can be adapted to your preferences and create a stunning home.