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Christmas Draught Excluders

make those candlelit nights all the cosier with our Christmas draught excluders.

The perfect festive accessory to keep your home toasty through the holidays – we’re sure you’ll want one of our Christmas draught excluders on your list this year. Sled your way through our sparkling range of seasonal designs, from watercolour robins to snow-covered hedgehogs, to magical scenes of bright and bustling winter towns. Shop the collection.

Our dazzling Christmas draught excluders are more than just fun festive accessories. Packed full of super soft and insulating polyester padding, they’re designed to keep pesky draughts and blistering winter winds at bay. Ideal for giving your home that cosy Christmas vibe, simply pop one at the base of your door and settle down for the snuggest of winter nights.

Christmas Draught Excluders

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Got a fun-filled festive accessory that doubles as a winter warmer on your list this year? Then look no further than our dreamy selection of Christmas draught excluders. Our signature seasonal designs have all earned Santa’s seal of approval, from robins perched among cheery florals to snow-loving hedgehogs wrapped up in cosy winter woollies. Guaranteed to keep winter chills away and your festive guests smiling – they’re a certified must-have for the fashionably festive home.

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what is a draught excluder?

A draught excluder is any type of device or furnishing that blocks cold air from passing through entry points in your home. While you may not realise it, chilly air can seep through the smallest of gaps at the edges of doors and windows, creeping into your home and causing a substantial drop in temperature. Not only are draught excluders extremely effective at keeping this cold air out, but they come with a whole host of benefits that are often overlooked.

We all know energy prices are rising, but did you know that draughty doors and windows can cause your home to lose massive amounts of that precious internal heat? Draught excluders are proven remedies to this wasteful loss of warmth, preventing cold air from entering your home while conserving the heat that’s already inside. This can be especially effective at your front door, but look out for any internal doorways or windows that have noticeable gaps around the border.

Another benefit of our cushiony Christmas draught excluders is that they double as cosy seasonal accessories. Whether in the bedroom, living room or beyond – one can never have enough cushions, and our lengthy draught excluders serve as chic bolster cushions when they’re not serving their heat-saving purpose. A great way to bring a stylish new shape to your sofa or bed’s cushion arrangement, just another reason why our draught excluders are a holiday must-have.