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scandi interior design: cosy calmness.

scandi style bed decor with neutral cushions and olive green throw on bed

“coming from one of the fairest and most equal societies in the world, we consider a space by its every user.” – Fyra, leading interior design agency in Finland.

Inspired by the Nordic lifestyle, scandi interior design has held the spotlight for quite some time when it comes to home style trends. It’s simple and functional yet warm and comfortable, the perfect mix for those wishing to create a relaxing haven within their home.

Often associated with scandi style, ‘hygge’ is a Danish word that describes feeling warm, comfortable and safe, also relating to spending quality time with family and close friends in a calming environment.

So, looking for an inviting style that embraces minimalistic traits yet doesn’t feel cold or unwelcoming? Scandi interior design might be your answer.

what is scandi style?
pile of throws in neutral colours two sandi style cushions in olive and rust |

Scandi homes are highly functional and simplistic, yet they tend to have more personal touches and nods to nature than minimalistic ones. It’s uncluttered, but doesn’t stray away from knitted throws, faux fur-trimmed cushions and sleek modern pieces that tie the living space together. The scandi colour palette focuses on neutrals, with beiges, creams and greys being the most popular colour choices.

Bringing the outdoors in, scandi interior design embraces nature and usually has touches of wooden textures and green accents within the home. Plants are often introduced throughout scandi spaces to develop textures even more.

Think neutral, natural and neat.

a brief history of scandi style.
two neutral throws on cream chair pile of scandi style cushions in various neutral colours |

Scandi design originated in the Scandinavian region, made up of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Born out of the need for organic structure after the first world war, Scandinavian designers first focused on furniture, creating a range of sleek and functional pieces that had never been seen before.  The simple yet highly intuitive designs paved the way for the scandi style hype, which has never really left us.

Scandinavian design is a true reflection of their lifestyle, as the Nordic countries are renowned for their quality of living and attitude. Also, their winters aren’t for the faint hearted, hence the encouragement for textured accessories such as faux fur throws and scandi style cushions.

Now, the scandi interior style is not just a design choice but a lifestyle one. Declutter, create functional spaces and welcome nature indoors.

how to create a scandi home.

Interested in becoming a scandi style master and not sure where to begin? Look no further. Creating a scandi home has never been easier with many gorgeous designs available for every room in your home. From plush and comfortable bedding to scandi bathroom accessories, all reflecting the calming and cosy nature of Scandinavian design.

This totally stylish design choice is simple yet effective, and doesn’t shy away from textured decor that pulls everything together. Whether you’re looking to introduce the scandi style all over your home or simply want to add a few Scandinavian aspects into the mix, there’s a plethora of home accessories to get you started.

introduce textured throws + cushions.
textured cushion in biscuit

Scandinavian homes are known to withstand very harsh winter conditions – they definitely don’t close motorways after 3cm of snowfall, that’s for sure. Scandi homes are warmed up with plenty of layers, this includes faux fur throws, knitted blankets and textured cushions. All the above will not only create physical comfort but also bring a warming presence to your home. Create contrast by adding various textures, mixing between bouclé and waffle to give your rooms more dimension and character. Remember, although scandi style can be seen as minimalistic, you definitely have more breathing room to have fun with your home accessories.

neutrals + nature.
striped hebden duvet set with plant next to it

Sticking to a neutral colour palette is what scandi is about. Colours such as white, beige and cream are most popular, with brown, green, grey, blush and black also welcome. With that being said, pops of bright colour are also seen throughout scandi interior design. This is usually in small accents such as a coloured cushion, throw or framed artwork, think modern art gallery style.

Another common trait of the scandi home style is including nature in various ways. Whether it’s wooden accents throughout your furniture pieces or spot placing succulents around your space, nature is embraced but not overdone. This can also be reflected in patterned bedding sets and curtains – florals, animals and woodland prints all fit the bill.

lighten up your space.
two white cushions and olive faux fur throw next to a bedside table with plant and candle

Throughout the winter months and weeks with minimal sunlight hours, Scandinavian homeowners adapt their space to feel cosy and warm by having plenty of lighting fixtures, table lamps and candles. This is evident throughout scandi style homes, with lighting playing a major part in creating depth and dimension within the home.

You can quite literally lighten up your home by turning on a bulb or two, but this ‘lightness’ is also about decluttering and creating a fully functional, efficient space. Clutter isn’t welcome in scandi style, which is why organisation is key. Use storage cubes and opt for well-designed furniture that has as much functionality as it does style, and you’ll be living the scandi lifestyle in no time.

explore shapes.
abstract print duvet set on bed

Scandi style doesn’t shy away from interesting shapes and patterns. Although simple, scandi home interiors can create interesting dynamics between curved and straight lines by mixing rounded edges with sharp ones. Whether it’s a circular cushion layered on a square one, or the introduction of abstract patterns and shapes on curtains, bedding and throws, funky finishing touches will take your scandi-inspired home to new levels.

Do you think scandi interior design is for you? With nods to nature, cosy textures and an uncluttered design, we’re not surprised if so. Scandi style is practical, inviting and comfortable – it’s no wonder this style is one of the most sought-after.

With many jumping on the scandi trend, remember to add your own personal touches to bring the feeling of ‘hygge’ into your living space.

Spend quality time with loved ones in a unique, comfortable home with scandi style interior design.