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what to do with wallpaper samples.

teal abstract wallpaper theia

make your mind up with our wallpaper samples.

The indecisive ones – we see you, we hear you and we’re letting you bag an unlimited amount of our wallpaper samples to be able to make the best decision. No more doubts before you click checkout, our wallpaper sampling service means that you get to choose as many samples as you’d like, for £1 each.

Wondering what to do with your samples once the postman has been around? We’ve packed our guide with helpful tips to make sure you get the most out of your wallpaper samples, and  included some crafty ideas that are great for art lovers, scrapbookers or little ones that need a new project.  

how big are wallpaper samples?

How big your wallpaper samples are depends on the manufacturer, and can vary with pattern and style. All of our wallpaper samples are 14x14cm, making them big enough to fully grasp the design you’ve opted for. This sizing has been specifically selected so that even with larger prints, you’ll get enough of an idea about what you’re in for. The samples come in an envelope that shouldn’t take up too much space in a standard letterbox.

where can I get wallpaper samples?

Wallpaper samples should be readily available on retailer’s websites, with our samples easily accessible on each product’s page. Simply select ‘add £1.00 sample’ and your sample will be automatically added to your basket. Don’t stop there – you can pick an unlimited number of wallpaper samples on our website, making the decision much easier once you see your samples in person. Add as many or as few as you’d like!

how to use wallpaper samples.
bee deco blush wallpaper next to pink cushioned chair and stand roll of pink wallpaper with abstract eye design theia
Blush Bee Deco Wallpaper | Blush Theia Wallpaper

Now that you’ve got your wallpaper samples – it’s time to start testing. Our stunning wallpaper designs could look and feel different to what you might’ve imagined and can be affected by various factors including lighting, accompanying colours and surrounding decor. Therefore, it’s best to try them out in various ways…

test in different lighting.

Lighting plays a big part in what your wallpaper will look like once up. In dim lighting, colours could become muted, whereas bright lighting can really showcase a design’s vibrancy and texture. If you love snuggling in ambient lighting or would rather switch the big light on, test your wallpaper sample in the lighting options which are most common in your home.

The way light reflects off your wallpaper will also matter – if you’ve chosen a wallpaper with metallic highlights or one with a marble effect, lighting could accentuate those features and make it a real showstopper. Whereas, if you’ve opted for heavily textured wallpaper in exotic jungle prints or floral murals, that texture can too reflect in various ways that may be different from the images you see online. Pick some samples, and give them a go in different lighting settings – you won’t regret it!

colour match to interior.

What’s a wallpapered wall if it doesn’t complement the rest of your interior? Wallpaper samples are there to make sure the rest of your room is as cohesive as possible, and your new feature wall or 4-wall project won’t look out of place. Whether you’re into colour drenching or would rather experiment with prints and patterns, samples allow you to test the wallpaper, its colour and texture throughout your chosen space. This could include holding the sample up to furniture, surrounding walls, flooring or anything in between.

For a maximalist approach, opt for eclectic patterns that aren’t afraid to be bold, with some maximalism lovers even pairing various wallpaper styles together to create a wonderfully unique interior.

If you think less is more and prefer a touch of minimalism, opt for plain wallpaper in neutral hues that will soothe your soul, creating an ambient atmosphere for you to relax in. Or, meet in the middle with abstract wallpaper that can transform an empty room into a funky concept.

what to do with leftover wallpaper samples.
green serpent roll of wallpaper jungle print plain green damask wallpaper behind green sofa symphony print
Green Serpent Wallpaper | Symphony Wallpaper

You've tried and tested our unique designs - it would be a shame to bin them, wouldn’t it? Well, you’ll be glad to know that there’s plenty you can do with your wallpaper samples that won’t require throwing them out.


Scrapbooking is not only great for collecting memories and keeping them forever, but can also be a really fun creative activity for you and your loved ones. Reminisce on the good times and jazz up your scrapbook with wallpaper samples, cutting and sticking them where you see best.

framed prints.

Your wallpaper samples can easily be framed to create abstract prints that would look great hung up in your kitchen or hallway. You could also use them to frame other images and decorate your space with fun details.

children’s crafts.

The perfect gift for little ones who love getting crafty - wallpaper samples are great for children who like cutting and sticking, drawing or painting. They can make a lovely canvas for their next masterpiece, or be added to their arty collection to use at a later date.

Try and test our wonderful wallpaper designs before committing to a full roll, experimenting with lighting, colour and texture to make sure you’re 100% happy with your chosen wallpaper. Ready to start your new interior project? Browse our full collection of wallpaper today, carefully curated and designed in-house by our talented artists.