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Blue Ready Made Curtains

bring clear skies to your window space with blue ready made curtains.

Calming, convenient and known to aid concentration – bring the blissful power of blue to your windows with blue ready made curtains. Enjoy fuss-free fitting with ready made sizes, and transform your space with signature floral, jacquard and luxurious heavyweight designs. Keep it light with tones of duck egg and teal, or embrace opulence with a rich navy shade. Shop the collection.

From the soothing sweetness of duck egg blue ready made curtains to the unrivalled opulence of richer shades – blue is an exceptionally versatile colour for curtains. Bring natural beauty home with our signature floral and nature-inspired designs, or favour function with our thermal blackout designs. All our ready made sizes are based on the UK’s most popular window measurements, promising a satisfying fit you won’t have to fuss over.

Blue Ready Made Curtains


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Whether you’d like to brighten your space with a delicate duck egg shade, or lean into luxury with rich navy and royal blue – our range of blue ready made curtains has everything you’re looking for and more. Our show-stopping signature designs are all created in the UK at our Yorkshire studio, guaranteed to bring a one-of-a-kind flair to any interior space.

On a curtain-buying quest but not sure where to start? Our inspiration blog is bursting with helpful guides and first-class design tips that’ll get you on the right path in no time. Get your drape journey off to the best possible start with our general curtain buying guide –  explaining everything from fabrics, patterns and sizing to the different types of headings and linings. Once you’ve found the perfect pair, simplify the sizing process with our detailed curtain measuring guides.

what goes with blue ready made curtains?

From simple sizing options to their wide range of pale duck egg, teal and navy blue colourways – our blue ready made curtains are the ideal option if you’re looking for an easy style transformation. They pair perfectly with all kinds of clean neutrals, soft pastels and shimmering jewel tones, but the right colour combination all depends on the kind of look you’re hoping to achieve.

For a clean, bright and uplifting atmosphere, pair blue ready made curtains with whites, beiges and other neutrals. White wallpaper creates the perfect calming backdrop for lighter blue tones, allowing your curtains to steal the spotlight while ensuring they feel balanced and grounded. Go for duck egg blue ready made curtains, and bring depth to the colour scheme with off-white shades of ivory, beige and cream.

Craving a moodier moment? Turquoise and teal ready made curtains are perfect for creating a sense of nature-inspired mystique, and look great when paired with opulent jewel tones. Use light grey or beige wallpaper to set a tranquil tone, and unleash the luxe with glamorous accents like gold cushions, a faux fur throw and natural metallic fixtures.

If an all-out oasis of calm sounds like your kind of style, going for a tonal blue scheme never fails. Go for navy blue ready made curtains, and use pale blue wallpaper to ensure your curtains remain the focal point. Mirror the navy in your curtains with deep blue cushions and throws, and balance out the blueness with a neutral sofa or a beige area rug.