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Readymade Check Curtains

Classic. Modern. Check Curtains. 

Check curtains are known for their ‘timeless’ pattern of cross-hatched stripes which are commonly used in both traditional and contemporary colourways and styles. From Scottish-inspired tartan designs, to modern and simplistic windowpane check patterns, we firmly believe that the ‘check’ look will never grow old.All our check curtains have room darkening qualities, making them perfect for rooms where privacy is key, but where you don’t want total blackout. They can shut out enough light to significantly darken a room while still being able to navigate the room!

There is no messing around with any of our check curtains, as they are conveniently ready to hang. The combination of our check fabric and the stainless steel ring tops are a match made in heaven for most interior styles. If you're unsure whether you require eyelet or pencil pleat curtains, see our Curtains: Buying Guide for full details. 

All readymade curtains are available in a range of popular sizes and colours - perfect for your bedroom, living room, kitchen or office space.

Having curtains that fit properly is essential to any room, as it will ensure that they block out any unnecessary light and prevent any unwanted draughts. If you’re not quite sure how to measure up, or if these curtains are right for you, we’d recommend reading our Curtains: Buying Guide for more information.


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