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dress your windows in style.

Frame your windows from a selection of stunning designs created with the finest fabrics amongst our curtains and blinds collection. Explore a spectrum of colours, an array of decorative and minimal patterns as well as blackout and thermal properties amongst this range. Shop the collection.

Discover a quality like no other; our made to measure draperies are created here in the UK to give you an exceptional finish you won’t find anywhere else. Our readymade collections are fuss-free, and effortless meaning dressing your window has never been so easy! Whether you are looking for blinds or curtains for your bedroom, kitchen or living spaces, you are bound to find the perfect match for your home.

Curtains + Blinds


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A room without curtains or blinds is incomplete. A sleek and refined blind can create an unfussy style that contributes perfectly to minimalist and modern interiors. Traditional approaches to décor include flourishes of colour, texture and pattern which can be achieved through luxurious curtains. Both are stunning additions for framing, dressing and accentuating your window spaces, but which is best for your home?
do you need curtains with blinds?

Although you do not need to have both a blind and pair of curtains on your windows, you may choose to pair the two together. This flexible décor will ensure adequate blocking of light as well as privacy control.

Consider the size of the window and the area around it. If you’re limited to space, we recommend choosing either a pair of curtains or a blind, not both. However, if you have a larger window and a generous amount of space, you may choose to add both dressings to your window. This will create a luxurious and layered effect making your window space appear grander.

are blackout blinds or curtains better?

If you’re looking for blackout properties, you have come to the right place!

Blackout curtains – Our blackout curtains are designed to block out 100% light. They are created using the best in class ‘3 pass’ manufacturing process. This is where the lining is made using three layers of foam ensuring absolutely no light can pass through. 

Blackout Blinds – Our blackout blinds are also made with a ‘3 pass’ manufacturing process which is made with a layer of foam that has been coated with two opaque membranes. 

Both our blackout curtains and blinds are guaranteed to block light, aid privacy and regulate room temperature meaning neither are better than the other. Selecting which one is best for your home is down to preference of style, functionality and the shape of your window space. However, you could use both products for maximum effect. In this collection you will discover a handful of matching curtains and blinds that will add a lavish style to your interiors. 

how to measure windows for curtains and blinds.

Measuring your windows doesn’t have to be confusing. Whether you’re dressing your windows with ready-made or made to measure curtains or blinds you will find all the information you need to in our helpful