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Patterned Blinds

add depth to your window dressings with patterned blinds.

Discover our patterned blinds collection. With a wide variety of colours and styles, you can find the perfect patterned blind for your window with us. Choose from dark and cosy colourways, bright and breezy ones, as well as calming neutrals. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or contemporary, you’ll find a patterned blind to suit you. Shop the collection today.

All our patterned blinds are roman in style, which means that when you raise the blind, the fabric gently and elegantly gathers at the top. They’re all readymade too, which means that you can just pick from the popular window sizes and transform your window in a second.

Patterned Blinds

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Looking for patterned blinds? Then you’re in the right place. Our collection includes a range of colours, fabrics and styles, so what are you waiting for? Browse through tartans, botanicals and geometric patterns to find the right patterned blind for you.

Roman blinds are roller blinds’ more sophisticated cousin. Instead of rolling up the blind, it gently gathers as it’s raised, giving you an elegant look that’s perfect for more traditional and romantic interior styles.

All our patterned blinds are blackout, so not only can you enjoy a beautiful pattern, but you can make sure you get a good night’s sleep too. Ideal for bedrooms, but can be used in any room where you want extra privacy, like bathrooms and the front rooms.

They’re thermal too. The same ‘three pass’ process that makes the blinds blackout makes them block heat as well. They’ll help keep your room cosy and warm during the cooler months and keep it cool when it’s hot out. It’ll save you energy and may even help with your bills.

Not sure which is the right blind for you? Our handy blind buying guide will be able to help. It includes information about styles, how to measure and how to operate different blinds.

how to pick your pattern for a roman blind.

Patterns stimulate the senses, so you have to be careful when picking ones that will live in your home with you. It has to make you happy – having a colour or pattern that you love will make your home feel more joyous, and it’ll make the space feel like a reflection of you.

So how do you pick? Of course, going with your heart is the first step. If you’re drawn to a certain pattern or if it elicits a certain reaction, then that might be the one for you. You could even create a whole room scheme and colour palette from a pattern that you love.

Think about the kind of feel you want to create for your room. Going for bright and bold? Then your pattern has to be bright and bold too! Going for serene? A barely there pattern in muted colours will be perfect. Traditional? It calls for classic heritage patterns like tartan, herringbone and stripes.

Pair your pattern with block colours to keep it in check, like teaming a patterned blind with plain dye curtains. Or feature wallpaper with plain bedding. It allows the pattern to take the focus, without it overwhelming the room.