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White Curtains

capture that breezy balcony feeling with white curtains.

Introduce the unique serenity of white to your window space with our clean collection of white curtains. Whether you’re a sucker for sunny Mediterranean vibes or simply want some pearl-hued purity in your life – we’ve got white patterned curtains and pristine pearl shades that’ll shine bright in any interior. Shop the collection.

Can’t spot your size? Our bespoke made to measure service offers tailored sizing down to the centimetre, meaning there’s no window we can’t drape in style. If you’re working with a standard window space or just need something more affordable, we’ve got tons of ready made curtains available in a variety of standard sizes. Go for a traditional look with our pencil and pinch pleat curtain headings, or dare for a chic contemporary touch with our stainless steel eyelets.

White Curtains

white curtains at

When it comes to choosing curtains, you don’t get a more classic option than white. The universal hue of calm, cleanliness and serenity according to our colour psychology guide – white curtains can transform any space into a breezy oasis of holiday vibes.

You’ll find a tasteful selection of plain and white patterned curtains in our refined collection, from vintage chinoiserie patterns to bright jungle vistas on sumptuous velvet, to furry woodland friends that’ll make the little ones’ bedtime a breeze. Go with one of our many ready made white curtain sizes if you’ve got a standard window space, or enjoy tailored sizing down to the nearest centimetre with our bespoke made to measure white curtains.

Ready to make your all-white interior fantasy a reality? Make sure to check out the rest of our white home furnishings, from five-star white bedding to the crispest of white cushions, to terrifically white throwswallpaper and more.

If you’re keen on white curtains but aren’t sure where to start, head over to our inspiration blog for an impressive spread of helpful guides and design advice. We’ve covered all the curtain basics in our handy curtain buying and fitting guides, and our detailed curtain measuring guides break the entire process down into easy-to-follow steps.

do white curtains look good?

If white curtains have been calling your name and the research process is underway, you’ve probably come across a cautionary tale or two. From mucky paws to chocolate-covered fingers, the threat of stains seems particularly high when it comes to white curtains, resulting in most decorators choosing a darker option to avoid stress down the line.

We believe style should never be sacrificed in the name of convenience, and that’s why our white curtains are designed to deliver both in spades. Our 100% polyester options do not stain easily, and are manufactured to survive and thrive in the busiest of homes – combining style, softness and unbeatable durability that’ll keep your curtains shining bright for years to come. Our polycotton kids’ curtains are fully machine washable, giving you perfect peace of mind against accidents big and small.

Another common concern is that white curtains are too plain, and will leave a space feeling washed and dull. Just a quick look through our white curtains collection is enough to relieve anyone of this worry, as the rich patterns and vibrant colours suggest the exact opposite of boredom. From verdant leafy scenes to vivid pops of fuchsia pink, to the irresistibly soft velvet on which many of our designs are printed – our white curtains provide buckets of colour, character and textural depth.