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Purple Duvet Cover Sets

bring some magic to your bedroom with a purple duvet cover.

Rich, dramatic and effortlessly regal – nothing brings class to a bedroom quite like purple duvet cover sets. Our collection is brimming with all kinds of character, from ditsy florals to romantic blooms and abstract tie-dye prints. Indulge in rich shades of lilac, lavender and amethyst, or unleash a fantastic flood of personality with a vibrant multicolour design. Shop the collection.

With many designs made right here in the UK by our talented team, our purple duvet covers are designed to breathe luxurious new life into your bedding arrangement. Whether you’re craving the intense allure of deep plum shades, or the lively summer levity of technicoloured florals, your dream duvet awaits in our stunning selection.

Purple Duvet Cover Sets


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Carrying strong associations with creativity, royalty and historic traditions of magic – few shades make an impact like purple. Our purple duvet cover sets are the epitome of sophisticated sleeping, sporting an irresistible range of colour, texture and design that’ll make a statement in any space. Keep things tranquilly pared-back with a soothing floral print, or dial up the energy with a funky multicoloured design.

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what colours go with purple duvet covers?

Whether you’re craving something rich and romantic, or you’re determined to bring out the brighter side of purple, there are plenty of chic colour combinations that’ll bring your purple duvet cover to life.

The colour wheel tells us that purple pairs beautifully with everything from rich reds and blues to vibrant pops of yellow, orange and green – so all that’s left to do is find what works best with your unique purple shade. Paler purples like lavender and mauve make a serene pairing with gleaming whites, whether layered on in bed throws or dotted around with white cushions.

If something a little sprightlier is calling your name, deep purples make a mother-nature-approved match with all manner of green shades. Pair your purple duvet cover set with a healthy spread of green cushions and bed throws, and don’t be afraid to mix and match shades from eucalyptus to rich emerald. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, introduce a splash of blue – with blue cushions, blankets or wallpaper – to bring a new layer to the colour scheme and maximise visual interest.

For a sophisticated organic feel, try pairing saturated grape shades with earthy tones of green, brown and beige. Rich purples work surprisingly well alongside organic tones, contrasting the rustic feel with a show-stealing pop of traditional regality. Layer your purple duvet cover set with a woven green throw, and scatter plenty of brown and jute cushions for that laidback natural look. Round off the look with a woven rug and plenty of indoor plants, and you’ll have a charming bedroom aesthetic that’s effortlessly in touch with the outdoors.