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how to keep your home warm this winter.


The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping and you’re most likely digging out your winter coats, scarves, and earmuffs (we know we are!). But just because it’s getting colder outside, it doesn’t mean you have to be cold inside – far from it. With the rising energy prices and cost of living, it’s more important than ever we’re not blasting the central heating all day long. Making a few cosy investments will help to save those extra pennies in the long run – that’s why we’re here with the list you need for the warmest of homes this winter.

Whether it’s snuggling up beneath a fleece throw, eliminating the cool air with a draught excluder, or upgrading to thermal curtains – there are loads of little changes you can make to keep your home warm this winter, and not to mention, totally stylish too.


layer up.


left, products: baoli throw in plum. | right, products: lux sherpa fleece throw in natural

Adding a few extra layers is a must during the colder months – it is snuggle season after all! That can mean reaching for an extra jumper, popping on that second pair of woolly socks, and cuddling up beneath a throw or two. When it comes to throws, we’re talking chunky knits and furry fleeces for the ultimate comfort as you settle down with a hot mug of cocoa. Not only will having a couple of throws on hand keep you feeling toasty as you watch the telly, but they’ll also add texture and colour to your seats when you’re not using them. Drape them over the back of your chairs and across your beds for an effortless look.


banish the draughts.


left, products: wild passion creatures draught excluder in yellow | right, products: malham fleece draught excluder in granite

Whether there’s an icy draught whistling through your windows, coming from beneath your doors, or rising from the cracks in your floorboards, it’s time to combat it. There’s no chance of staying warm if your home isn’t insulated properly. However, if you don’t have the money nor time to get the gaps filled in professionally, there are a few budget friendly ways to keep the cold from creeping in, even if it’s blowing a gale outside.

Laying rugs down on floorboards will help to draught-proof your rooms and add flair to the floor. But perhaps the most useful tip of all is to keep the doors and windows shut and pop a draught excluder down on the floors and windowsills. Draught excluders will prevent any pesky draughts from entering your home and add affordable style to your doorways, what’s not to love?


go thermal.


left, products: twilight thermal blackout curtains in burnt orange. | right, products: aviemore tartan faux wool roman blind in ochre

There are loads of ways to go thermal this winter – drinking hot soup from a thermal flask and getting your thermal leggings on are both great options but introducing thermal curtains to your windows may well be the best decision you ever make. Windows let in the cold more than you might think (especially if you have an older house with single glazing). However, it’s important to remember they let in the heat, too! Over winter, keeping your curtains open until just before sunset will help to warm your room with the winter sun. Then, simply draw them at around 3pm to help to keep all that lovely natural heat inside.

Thermal curtains, also known as energy efficient curtains are made from a material that blocks heat transfer, meaning all the warmth stays put inside and you get to stay toasty. Not only is this great news for your energy bills, it’s also amazing news for your interiors – curtains add loads of style, colour, and personality to your rooms. If curtains don’t do it for you, you can opt for a thermal blind instead. Thermal blinds are ideal for rooms like the kitchen and bathroom where tiled floors are likely to get cold and stepping out the shower shiver-free is preferable.


tuck yourself in.


left, products: stonehouse linen look 100% cotton duvet set in ochre - similar yellow duvet cover sets | right, products: shiraz bedspread in burgundy , shiraz jacquard cushion in burgundy , shiraz jacquard throw in burgundy

Is there anything worse than being too cold in bed? We don’t think so. Making sure you have a toasty bedroom is super important for your health and wellbeing. It’s recommended that the temperature in your bedroom as you sleep should be at least 16 degrees Celsius. So, make sure you’re layering on the throws, placing down the draught excluders, and drawing the thermal curtains in your bedroom.

There are a few other things you can do to be certain the heat stays in and swapping out your summer duvet for a thicker winter one is one of them. The tog of a duvet refers to the thermal resistance, so the higher the tog, the warmer you’ll be. The ideal tog for winter is around 10.5-13.5, depending on how hot of a sleeper you are. Choosing the right bedding can also make all the difference to how warm you are – opt for fleece materials and cotton for the deepest and toastiest of sleeps. And of course, don’t forget the humble hot water bottle!

100% cotton bedding will regulate your body temperature while you sleep, which means it’ll trap in all your body heat and promise to keep you cosy all night long. Not only will it keep you warm, but 100% cotton is super soft and luxurious against the skin, aiding your comfort. It’s also durable, and can be tumble dried when the colder weather means line drying is out of the question.

If you’re still cold, it could be time to invest in a bedspread. Much like a quilt, they cover the full size of your bed and drape luxuriously over the side for an extravagant look. But most importantly, a bedspread will keep you warm when you need it most – particularly if you go for something heavyweight and quilted.


get a warm glow.


left, products: kindred scented glass candle | right, products: wildlings scented glass candle

Though they offer a small amount of warmth in the grand scheme of things, candles go a long way in providing a room with loads of cosiness and an ambient glow. Winter is all about increasing the cosy vibes and there’s nothing quite like the flickering light of a candle to get you feeling toasty and totally relaxed. Sit back beneath a throw, light a candle, and let the gorgeous scents carry around the room. Go for scents like cinnamon and mandarin or berry and vanilla for a spicy or sweet festive addition to the long winter evenings. You can take the ambience to a whole new level by dotting table and floor lamps around your room for an extra golden glow.


service your boiler + bleed your radiators.


If you haven’t booked in your annual boiler service yet, there’s no time like the present. A boiler that isn’t running safely or efficiently will end up working overtime to get you up to temperature, and you’ll end up spending way more than you need to on your energy bill. Getting your boiler serviced is fairly inexpensive compared to the upfront cost of a brand new boiler and will help to keep those crisp mornings at bay.

Is your home feeling cold and not heating up like it used to? If that’s a yes, it’s likely your radiators need a little TLC. Bleeding your radiators will ensure there’s no trapped air inside – trapped air can stop the hot water from moving through and heating up properly. It’s an easy job that takes no time at all, but one that’s often forgotten about. All you’ll need is a radiator bleed key which you can buy from all good DIY shops.




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