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Abstract Outdoor Cushions

create a dreamy summer oasis with abstract outdoor cushions.

Upgrade your garden and step into a world of surreal style with our abstract outdoor cushions. Immerse yourself in dazzling signature designs, from watercolour strokes to dreamlike geometrics and ethereal floral prints. Both UV and water-resistant, you won’t have to worry about splashes, spills or the scorching summer sun. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re crazy for paisley, love a wavy line or worship at the altar of funky flora – find your perfect match in our abstract garden cushions collection. Bring a distinctive touch to your outdoor sofa with our standard-sized cushions, or take style and softness on the go with a larger floor design. Resistant to both water and the sun’s UV rays – say goodbye to damp, mouldy and sun-faded cushions – and say hello to chic summer accessories that stay looking their best.

Abstract Outdoor Cushions


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Delve into the dreamworld and indulge your design fantasies with our selection of abstract outdoor cushions. From bright paint splotches to sand dune swirls and floral prints that pierce reality – our UK-made designs are as unique as they are expertly-crafted. Keep it simple with a standard-size design for your outdoor sofa, or make a statement wherever you go with stylish outdoor floor cushions.

Our abstract garden cushions are woven from 100% polyester fabric that strikes a perfect balance between comfort, style and durability. They’re both UV and water-resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about spills, showers or the scorching summer sun causing damage. Just bring them back inside during extended periods of bad weather, and you’ll have fresh cushions for many summer adventures to come.

Got a garden space that needs an upgrade but not sure where to start? Swing by our inspiration blog for a goldmine of guides, design tips and seasonal style advice. Our get to know: outdoor cushions post introduces the collection, while our detailed cleaning guide answers every question you might have about maintenance. Seeking some style inspo? Dive right into our top tips for styling your outdoor sofa.

how to style abstract outdoor cushions.

Whether you’re an expert in abstract interiors or just hearing about them for the first time, it’s never a bad time to immerse yourself in this dreamy design style. Inspired by the work of artists like Joan Miró and Piet Mondrian, abstract interior design contrasts neutrals with bold accents, statement hues and daring geometric patterns.

If you’re looking to inject some abstract style to your outdoor space, the first rule is to not hold back on the geometric patterns. We’re talking stripes, spirals, chevrons and diamonds – if you’re starting to feel a little dizzy, you’re probably on the right track. We’ve got an extensive range of geometric cushions that complement abstract outdoor cushions perfectly (just remember they’re not meant to live outside permanently!).

A big part of curating an abstract space is keeping things interesting. If your abstract garden cushions have large geometric patterns, try bringing in some floral outdoor cushions with a smaller-scale print. Contrasting shapes and sizes is a great way to build visual interest, giving your space an enhanced level of depth that will draw and challenge the eye. When it comes to colours, feel free to go as bright and bold as you fancy – provided you’ve still got some contrast going on.

Start with a beige sofa (or just drape some beige or cream throws over your current one) and build your colour scheme from there. Choose abstract outdoor cushions in radiant shades like emerald, magenta or zesty tangerine, and complete the look with a textured maximalist throw.