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Yellow Outdoor Cushions

scatter spots of sunshine with yellow garden cushions.

Perhaps the chirpiest, most joyful hue of all – nothing brings positivity to a garden quite like yellow outdoor cushions. Bask in the light of our dazzling signature designs, from vibrant safari scenes to lush exotic florals and abstract prints that draw the eye. Woven from UV and water-resistant polyester, discover summer style you’ll never have to fuss over. Shop the collection.

Forget stressing over stains and upgrade your outdoor space with the uplifting power of yellow garden cushions. Specially designed to resist stains, water and sun damage – they’re the ultimate accessories for worry-free style in every season. Go with a standard-sized cushion to snuggle on your sofa, or bring comfort to every summer outing with a large floor design.

Yellow Outdoor Cushions


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Bright, uplifting and stacked with sunny style, bring a summertime glow to your garden with yellow outdoor cushions. From grassland petals to jungle beasts and folky abstract prints, our signature designs are as original as they are impactful – sure to steal the spotlight in any open-air space. Made using UV and water-resistant polyester fabric, they’re the ideal option for outdoor elegance in any weather. Elevate your garden sofa with a standard size, or supersize your style with a 70x70cm outdoor floor cushion.

Looking to level-up your outdoor space but don’t know where to begin? Not to worry – we keep our inspiration blog freshly stocked with expert guides, first-class design tips and all the latest in seasonal styling. Why not start by getting to know our gorgeous outdoor cushions range? Then, delve into the details with our cleaning and ‘are outdoor cushions waterproof?’ guides.

why go for yellow outdoor cushions?

Whether you’re dreaming of a dazzling summer glow, a mellow Mediterranean vibe or something more earthy and nature-inspired – yellow garden cushions can do it all. Warming shades like mustard and saffron are perfect for creating a soothing sunset vibe, while zestier pops of neon and ochre will bring a punch of radiance to your patio. 

Even more diverse than our selection of shades is our choice of signature prints. Wander through a wonderland of captivating signature designs, from juicy neon plain-dyes to dreamy abstract florals, to detailed vistas of jungle animals and leafy foliage.

how to style yellow outdoor cushions.

When it comes to styling your outdoor space, you’d be surprised at just how impactful a pop of yellow can be. With the ability to feel grounding or uplifting, traditional or modern depending on your choice of shade and design – yellow is one of the most versatile colours out there, and a total breeze to work into your space.

For a grounded garden scheme that’s quiet and soothing, look for yellow outdoor cushions in earthy shades like mustard or saffron. This will bring an instant injection of calm and cosiness, which you can build upon with more warm-toned accents. Yellow sits right between red and green on the colour wheel, so use all three to create an analogous colour scheme – just stick with earthy shades like clay, olive and moss to keep the calming vibes.

Looking to bring out the brighter side of yellow? Try pairing your yellow outdoor cushions with saturated shades of blue, purple, pink or orange. As blue and purple are complementary to yellow on the colour wheel – directly opposite from it – they look dramatic and striking when used together. Contrast your yellow moments with blue outdoor cushions in beaming shades like cobalt or teal. Scatter in some dusky pink options, and blend the look together with soft lilac shades in your throws and other accents.