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Christmas Sofa Throws

set the scene for cosy fireside festivities with a Christmas sofa throw.

Settle down, snuggle up and welcome in the cosy season with our warming Christmas sofa throws. From traditionally festive snow globes and snowflakes to charming checks and whimsical woodland scenes, we’ve got everything needed to make your space a certified winter wonderland – available in a range of neutral, muted and sparkling seasonal hues. Shop the collection.

Made with irresistibly soft, insulating fleece fabric – our Christmas throws for sofas are the only winter warmers you’ll need this festive season. Wander your way through a merry mix of seasonal shades, from icy whites to Rudolph reds, glistening emerald greens and more. Keep the festivities refined with a pared-back design, or fully embrace the Christmas cheer with a strikingly seasonal print.

Christmas Sofa Throws


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Whether you’re planning a fireside destination for all your festive functions, the perfect spot to cuddle up for Christmas or a sumptuous sanctuary away from all the seasonal stress – find your perfect companion in our Christmas sofa throws collection. Make it a subtly stylish affair with nature and scandi-inspired designs, or fully embrace the festivities with novelty Christmas colours and motifs.

Struggling to keep the seasonal excitement at bay? Check out our full range of festive home furnishings in our Christmas collection. Stroll your way through beamingly bright bedding, toasty throws and the jolliest of Christmas cushions – or find sweet stocking fillers in our collection of Christmas gifts.

Excited for Christmas but dreading the prep work? Head over to our blog for a wealth of guides and design inspiration guaranteed to get those creative juices flowing. We’ve covered everything from choosing the right throw for you to dressing a sofa with throws and cushions, and we’ve even got specific seasonal advice on how to style your home for Christmas.

how to put a throw on a sofa.

While it might sound like a simple task, you’d be surprised at just how much detail can go into positioning and styling a throw on your sofa. Cascading over the back cushions, hung neatly on an arm or spread across the seats for an added layer of comfort – the possibilities for throw styling are aplenty, and the right option depends solely on the look you’re trying to achieve.

If you fancy a prim and proper styling moment for your throw, a neat fold over the arm is always an enticing look. Grab your Christmas sofa throw, fold it lengthwise into thirds and then fold in half. Neatly hang the throw over the arm of your sofa, making sure any decorative details like fringing or tassels are fully visible on the room-facing end. Tuck the opposite end of your throw between the arm and seat cushion if needs be, and look forward to plenty of compliments from impressed guests.

If you’re after more of a chic, messy look, allowing your throw to flow over the back of your sofa will lend a refreshingly casual feel. Simply fold your Christmas sofa throw lengthwise into thirds, and drape evenly over the middle back cushion. This fold will make all visible edges of your throw appear clean and neat, so feel free to ruffle, scrunch and adjust until you’re satisfied with the look.