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Geometric Wallpaper

bring an eye-catching edge to your space with geometric wallpaper.

Whether you’re obsessed with striking shapes, love a funky retro look, or just want to give your space some eye-catching dimension – find your perfect match in our geometric wallpaper range. Go quirky with geo cats, or embrace luxe with glimmering honeycomb shapes in blush pink, emerald green and sophisticated navy blue tones. Shop the collection.

Our modern geometric wallpaper is ideal if you’ve never wallpapered before, using a simple paste-the-wall application process that cuts transformation times in half. If you can’t decide on a design, add some samples to your bag for just £1 each. Once you’re ready to order, find the exact number of rolls you’ll need with our handy usage calculator – found on each product page.

Geometric Wallpaper

geometric wallpaper at

Bring new forms of style to your space with our jazzy selection of modern geometric wallpaper. Whether you’re a fan of honeycomb bee motifs or something more abstract – you’ll find countless geometric prints to breathe new life into your home. Go bright and bold with blush pinks and glistening emerald greens, or keep things feeling sophisticated with navy blue geometric wallpaper.

Tired of ending up with blemished, faded and worn-out wallpaper? Spending hours scrubbing at stains is a thing of the past with our durable, wipeable and non-fading geometric wallpaper. Our entire collection is hard-wearing and easily cleaned, needing just a quick wipe with a clean sponge before it’s back to that glorious first-day freshness.

New to wallpapering and not sure where to start? We’ve got lots of useful guides and design tips over on our inspiration page, from our all-in-one wallpaper buying guide to our step-by-step breakdown of how to wallpaper.

how to hang geometric wallpaper.

All our geometric wallpaper is paste-the-wall, using a simple application process that’s ideal for beginners. There’s no need to spend hours soaking and drying out your wallpaper – all you’ve got to do is paste your wall, hang the paper and leave it to dry on the wall.

Start by ensuring your wall is as smooth and clean as possible. Fill and sand any cracks or imperfections, then use a stripping solution and knife – carefully! – to get rid of any remaining residue. Once your wall is smooth, use a sponge and soapy water to clean it, then dry thoroughly with a towel.

Where you should start hanging your geometric wallpaper depends on the type of pattern (and room) you’re working with. Larger patterns should generally start from the middle of the wall, while smaller ones look best when started from a corner. If your room has a chimney breast, fireplace, or a tricky corner – it’s usually best to start there.

Draw a vertical line at your starting point, using a plumb line, spirit level or laser level to ensure it’s perfectly straight. Apply paste to the first section of your wall using a roller or brush, and position your first strip of wallpaper parallel to your guide line. Leave a little excess at the top and bottom to trim later, smooth any air bubbles with a clean cloth or smoother tool, and repeat.

how to style geometric wallpaper.

Geometric wallpaper is perfect for creating a focal point in your home. So, whichever wall you’re choosing to cover, make sure it’s one you don’t mind attracting attention to!

Make your wallpaper the centrepiece by minimising the number of other patterns in your space. Instead, surround your geometric wallpaper with accents that will subtly complement it. If your wallpaper is vibrant and busy, consider using neutral accessories like grey cushions or white throws to ensure the design really pops.

If you’re going with navy blue geometric wallpaper or another deep shade, feel free to inject some brighter shades. Experimenting with different hues will give your room depth and cohesion, so don’t be afraid of hot pink cushions or a sunny yellow throw.

For a refined, show-home look – try decorating the room with the less prominent colours of your geometric wallpaper. This will create a subtle mirroring effect, helping to tie your wallpaper in with the rest of the room. For example, if you have modern geometric wallpaper with gold outlines, consider styling your sofa with gold cushions, or going for metallic gold fittings in the finer details.