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Geometric Wallpaper.

update your walls with unique geometric wallpaper.
Create a fun and funky room with our geometric wallpaper range. Discover a range of delicate lines and fascinating shapes all combined into cleverly designed prints. Better yet, our wonderful designs are available in a range of colours from elegant pink to bold navy blue. Can’t decide? Order a sample first to see it in person! Shop the collection.Our aim is to make wallpapering as hassle-free as it can be. Use our usage calculator to find how many rolls you need, reducing waste and unwanted stress. All of our geometric wallpapers are paste-the-wall too, so you’ll have no trouble hanging it – leaving you more time to sit back and admire your new walls.

Geometric Wallpaper

geometric wallpaper at

Bring life to your walls with the variety of colours, patterns and shapes in our geometric wallpaper collection. Whether you’re a fan of diamonds, squares, triangles or even bees, you’ll find the design perfectly suited for you and your home.

Scrubbing at stains can now be a thing of the past with our wipeable and hard-wearing geometric wallpaper. You can throw the wildest parties and let your kids run free with the knowledge that your walls are protected by durable, fashionable wallpaper.

If geometry is your newfound obsession, browse our geometric cushions.

geometry isn’t just for school…

Dating way back to prehistoric rock art, geometric shapes have been used to create beautiful designs long before us – and will be used long after we have gone.

Art Deco, born in France in the 1910s, is a popular form of geometric patterns representing modernism turned into fashion. Found in many of our designs, Art Deco is the mascot for all things retro, Roaring 20s and pure glamour. 

Geometric designs make a room look bigger than it is, adding drama to an empty space, and creating extra dimensions. All of these wonderful factors make geometric wallpaper a perfect choice for any home. If you’re still on the fence, read our buying guide for more information.

how to style geometric wallpaper.

Geometric wallpaper is perfect for creating a centrepiece in your home. So, make sure whichever wall you hang your paper on is the one you want all eyes to be directed to. 

One way of making sure your wallpaper remains the focal point of your room is to minimise the number of other patterns in your space. Instead, surround your geometric wallpaper with décor that will complement it. If your wallpaper is vibrant and busy, consider using neutral accessories like grey cushions or white throws to help the design stand out. 

If you opt for a darker colour, like emerald green geometric wallpaper, feel free to inject some brighter shades. Try experimenting with different hues to help tie your room together. For example, pair your wallpaper with a pink side table, or a yellow throw.

To create a look that’s straight out of your favourite catalogue, decorate your home with the less prominent colours of your wallpaper. This will help tie your wallpaper in with the rest of the room. For example, if you have a blue geometric wallpaper design with gold outlines, consider hanging gold mirrors, or styling your sofa with gold cushions.

Adding extra dimensions and depth to the room, geometric wallpaper in smaller rooms will give the illusion of a bigger space. Diamonds and cubes will help create a 3D effect, which is perfect for positioning behind a bed to really make it pop. Horizontal lines will expand your wall and make it look wider, brilliant for slim walls in your stairwell or bathroom. 

If your hallway is a dumping ground for toys, bags and coats, add a pop of colour to help them seem like they belong. Colourful geometric wallpaper will create a playful environment where clutter is welcome and may even seem deliberate! Who knew decorating could make your life easier?