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Purple Blinds

add some pizzazz with a purple blind.

Refresh your windows with our collection of purple blinds. Choose between luxurious roman blinds and modern roller blinds to add unique flair to your interiors. With ready made and bespoke made to measure sizes, you’re guaranteed the perfect fit at your window. Many of our purple blinds are complete with 100% blackout linings. Shop the range.

Browse our purple blinds and you’ll discover an assortment of stunning shades. Find everything from mauve and plum to heather and indigo to spruce up your window spaces. And whether you prefer to keep it simple with a plain blind or love a striking pattern, we have both – discover fun florals, graphic geometrics, and eye-catching animal motifs galore.

Purple Blinds

purple blinds at

Give your interiors instant rejuvenation with our gorgeous range of purple blinds. No matter your home décor style, we’re bound to have the perfect purple blind to create a space you can’t wait to spend time in. 

An essential home accessory, blinds provide you and your rooms with privacy, darkness, and warmth. Whether you’re replacing your old blinds or you’re layering up with curtains, a blind is sure to add style, personality, and a splash of colour to any room. 

roller or roman?

Whilst perusing our range of purple blinds you’ll find a choice of roller blinds and roman blinds to update your spaces with. Our purple roller blinds are the ones for you if you prefer it minimal. Made from a stiffened fabric and with a simple look and mechanism, they’re sleek, stylish, and practical. You’ll find our roller blinds in a variety of ready made blind sizes to fit your windows.

If you’re in search of a blind with a little more luxe, opt for our purple roman blinds – you’ll never see a more effortless drape. With a layered, pleated look, they cascade down to create a voluminous look in your window recesses. Our roman designs are available to buy as both ready made and made to measure blinds. So, if you can’t find your window size in our collection, simply send us your window measurements and we’ll send you your bespoke purple blinds. 

Our purple roman and roller blinds both come with all the fixtures and easy to follow instructions for you to get them up super quickly and smoothy. They’re also complete with adjustable pull chords and built-in child safety devices which make them perfect for homes with young families. 

purple + pattern.

Go regal with purple. It’s a rich colour that creates a soothing, soft, and alluring space to settle down into. Purple’s your best friend if you’re looking to create a room full of relaxing vibes whilst still making a statement. 

Wanting to create a room full of imagination? Look no further. In colour psychology, purple represents all things abundance, creativity, and feminine energy, so, pull down the blind in style knowing your next genius idea is on its way! 

If you love all the sweet and regal tones of purple but you’re not quite sure about painting the wall with it, a blind is the perfect option for having that purple moment you’ve always dreamt of without it being a permanent fixture. 

In our collection of purple blinds, you’ll find an assortment of stunning colourways with everything from mauve and plum to heather and indigo hues to add all-important personality to your interiors.

Are you obsessed with pattern? Or do you prefer to go plain-dye? Either way we have a myriad of designs for you to curate the look you want at your windows. Explore our purple blinds and discover embossed geometric motifs, delicate watercolour florals and eye-catching animal prints.

fabrics + features.

Our purple blinds come in a wide array of super-soft and hardwearing fabrics to add loads of textural interest to your interiors. Create an elegant look with plush velvet that catches the light or try it shabby chic style with faux distressed finishes. For the traditional home, try an ornamental jacquard weave. If your home is buzzing with activity – crisp and smooth stain resistant polyester is the one for you. 

Many of our purple blinds are fitted with a 100% blackout three-pass lining to ensure the best possible sleep. Ideal for light sleepers, this lining blocks out all light, reduces noise and prevents any unwanted draughts from seeping through the windowpane. And it doesn’t stop there, they’re also thermal and energy efficient. They’ll keep you warm during the colder days, cool throughout the summer, and knock a few pennies off your energy bill whilst they’re at it.

what colours go with purple blinds?

Whether you’re going for a traditional, contemporary, boho, or country décor in your home, purple is sure to add interest and blend seamlessly into your interiors. A colour that is more versatile than it may first appear, it has many gorgeous hues that goes with a myriad of schemes.

Go for decadence, style, and luxury by marrying your purple blind to glitzy gold accessories. Create an elegant look by popping a statement gold clock up on the wall, gold lamps to your side tables, and purple cushions and gold cushions to your sofa-scape. Finish the look off with a metallic wallpaper to bounce the lamplight glow around the room beautifully.

For all things exotic yet relaxing in the bathroom, match your purple blind with muted shades of orange. Think soft mauve hues with warm burnt orange shades to create an irresistibly zen space. Try orange tiling around the sink, bath, and shower and add an orange bath mat, gold tap fittings, and plump purple towels. Pull down your purple blind, pour in the bubble bath, and thank us later!

Indulge in high drama by curating a black, purple, and white colour scheme. The purple and black will create a space that feels intense and soft at the same time, and by adding white accents you’ll get a pop of brightness amongst the darker shades which will really wow. For the most glamorous of bedrooms, pair your purple blind with black wallpaper, black bedding, and white cushions.