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Velvet Home Decor

get some lustre in your life with velvet home decor

Shimmering, chic and oh-so irresistible to touch – there’s no mistaking the showstopping character of velvet home decor. From crushed velvet cushions that glisten like stars to the cosiest quilted velvet bedding, our collection is dripping in plush elegance. Stay modest with a plain design, or embrace extravagance with an eye-catching signature print. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re in search of a graceful touch of understated style, or a showstopping statement piece that’s glitteringly glam – our range of velvet home decor has you covered. Florals, animals, geometrics and more adorn our collection in prints and meticulous embroidery – sure to elevate any space with the alluring potency of velvet.

Velvet Home Decor


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From its sumptuous texture to its timeless sheen and ability to carry colour like no other fabric can – there’s a lot to be said for introducing velvet to your space. Our velvet home decor collection celebrates the very best this luxury fabric has to offer, from radiant velvet cushions that’ll light up any living room, to blissful velvet bedding that guarantees an exquisite sleep.

Velvet-obsessed but not sure where to start? Swing by our inspiration blog for a full selection of how-to guides and expert design advice. Learn how to wash velvet cushion covers with our handy tips, or feel confident in your choices with our bedding buying guide and advice for choosing the right cushions for your home.

what is velvet made of?

Traditional velvet fabrics were made from pure silk, which was imported along the Silk Road from East Asia to Europe. The use of genuine silk made velvet a rare, premium fabric, leading to associations with royalty and the upper classes that have prevailed through history. Nowadays, most velvet is made from synthetic materials like polyester, nylon or viscose.

The unique look and texture of velvet home decor are achieved through a special manufacturing process, whereby two layers of fabric are woven face-to-face on a loom. Pile threads – which give velvet its slightly raised, fuzzy texture – are then threaded back and forth through both fabric layers. A knife is used to cut through the middle of the two layers, separating them and leaving behind the smooth velvet texture we all know and love.

how to clean velvet.

To clean your velvet home decor, you’ll first need to identify the type of velvet you’re working with. Our velvet cushions and bedding are made from many different fibres, and often feature decorative jacquard designs or embroidery. Different types of velvet have different cleaning requirements, so start by checking the materials listed on your product’s care label.

Many of our velvet products are safe for machine washing, and in this case, all you’ve got to do is follow the recommended washing cycle and temperature. A gentle cycle, mild detergent and cooler temperature will generally yield the best results when cleaning velvet. Always wash your velvet home decor on its own, as mixing with other fabrics can cause an unsightly buildup of lint. If you’re working with delicate embellishments like embroidery, turn the fabric inside out to avoid damage from your machine.

If your product recommends handwashing only, use a clean bath or basin filled with lukewarm water. Add a small amount of detergent, and lower your velvet bedding or cushion cover in to soak. Gently agitate the fabric with your hands to remove stains, avoiding any twisting or scrubbing movements that might damage the velvet. When finished, gently press the fabric to remove any excess water, and hang your velvet outside to dry.