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Green Velvet Cushions

let your finer details flourish with our green velvet cushions.

Inviting, nature-inspired and irresistibly luxurious – green and velvet really are a match made in heaven. Sift through our generous range of green velvet cushion designs, from plain cushions with piped trims to intricate jungle vistas and funky geometrics – all available in a stunning range of emerald, olive and deep green shades. Shop the collection.

Many of our green velvet cushion covers are designed and made in the UK, at our design studio in Yorkshire and our Staffordshire factory. Our talented team pour hours of work into each of their designs, producing the finest of finishing touches that’ll really make your interiors shine. Choose from our luxurious duck feather or durable polyester inner pads, or order your cushion cover separately and fill it yourself.

Green Velvet Cushions


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Just about every space can benefit from a dazzling dash of colour, and there aren’t many options better than green. Our official guide to colour psychology tells us green is the universal colour of nature, balance and growth – and who doesn’t want a touch of that in their home? Pair green with velvet and you’re really onto a winning combination, with the fabric’s lustrous sheen beautifully capturing all manner of verdant shades. Go refined and regal with green velvet cushions in glistening emerald tones, harness the power of nature with earthy shades of moss and forest, or bask in brightness with vivid teal or lime options.

Ready to give your space the green light? We’ve got plenty of verdant home furnishings to give your space a full meadow-worthy makeover, from lush green bedding to cosy green throws, as well as gleefully-green wallpaper that’ll envelop your space in organic goodness.

Running low on ideas? Head over to our blog for a generous selection of practical guides and expert style tips. We’ve covered everything from how to choose the right size cushions to finding the best filling for you, as well as helpful style advice like how to choose the right cushions for your home.

how to style green velvet cushions.

We’ve already covered how to arrange cushions on your sofa and bed over on our blog, so check those posts out for detailed design advice.

Nothing adds warmth, texture and an air of luxury to a room quite like velvet. Whether you’re using it in the smallest of accents or going all-out with a velvet upholstered sofa, the lustrous sheen of this famous fabric will make a powerful statement wherever it pops up. Couple that with the positive, nurturing force of green and you’ve got endless potential for a sublime style statement.

If you find that your space sometimes feels a little cold or uninviting, the simple addition of a small velvet accent or two can work wonders. North-facing rooms or homes in chillier climes benefit greatly from the addition of warming fabrics like velvet, not to mention the practical comfort they provide.

Lean into the layered-up cosy look by pairing your green velvet cushions with plenty of other tactile furnishings. Sherpa fleece or faux fur throws will sing in perfect harmony alongside velvet cushions, while natural wood furniture and chunky knit blankets will strike an eye-catching contrast.

When it comes to finding colours to pair with green velvet cushions, you’re not exactly short on options. Green is massively on-trend right now as part of a broader move towards more nature-inspired interiors, so it can be used almost as a neutral in some designs. Bring new life to your neutral decor by using green as an uplifting accent colour, or go tonal with a lush mix of olive, emerald and teal shades.

how to clean green velvet cushions.

If you’re a little scared at the thought of washing your velvet cushions, you’re certainly not alone. Many people see velvet as somewhat of an intimidating fabric, and the thought of getting those fluffy fibres soaked in tea or scuffed with paw prints is enough to make some avoid velvet entirely. However, this luxurious fabric is a lot tougher than it seems, and cleaning velvet cushion covers isn’t the daunting task it might seem.

Before you go about cleaning your green velvet cushions, we always recommend carefully reading over the attached care label. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for cleaning fabrics, and many soft furnishings require a specialised cleaning method to avoid damage or discolouration. Also be sure to remove the inner pad from the cushion cover using the zip closure, to ensure your entire cushion gets cleaned thoroughly.

Depending on what’s printed your care label, you’ll either be machine washing or handwashing your green velvet cushion cover. If you’re handwashing, we recommend using a clean basin or bath. Dissolve a dash of mild detergent in lukewarm water, then submerge and soak your cushion cover in it. Gently agitate the cover to remove stains, making sure not to twist, scrub or brush the fabric too roughly. Once you’re satisfied with your cover’s cleanliness, drain the basin and refill it with clean, cool water. Rinse until the fabric is free of detergent, repeating the draining process if necessary.

For machine washing, use a gentle cleaning cycle, a mild detergent and a cool water temperature. Ensure your cushion cover is washed on its own to avoid the transfer of lint from other fabrics, and turn it inside out if you need to protect any fragile embellishments.