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zebra cushions

safari from the sofa with our zebra cushions collection.

Capture the exotic magic of faraway lands with our zebra cushions collection. From stunning jungle vistas to daring black and white prints, bring the drama and vitality of the animal kingdom right to your décor. Offering striking zebra prints, nature-inspired green shades and bold illustrated designs – our zebra cushions collection isn’t just black and white. Shop the collection today.

Designed, printed and made in our UK factory – all our zebra cushions are made from the finest quality hard-wearing materials. Available as cover only or pre-filled with our 100% polyester or washed duck feather filling, our cushions are designed for maximum levels of comfort and durability. Go cloudlike and plush with our duck feather pads, or never lose that freshly plumped look with our shape-retaining polyester option.

zebra cushions


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Whether you’re after a show-stopping look that will leave your guests’ jaws on the floor, or looking to imbue your traditional décor with an eye-catching streak of drama – our zebra cushions range has just the thing for you. Our collection features an array of zebra-inspired designs, from classically bold monochromatic animal prints to more muted wildlife and jungle illustrations. 

Zebra cushion covers can be purchased separately or come pre-filled with our 100% polyester or washed duck feather pads. Polyester filling works great to keep a cushion’s shape, and slightly edges the feather filling in terms of durability. Polyester is also the better option for allergy sufferers, as its synthetic properties are less likely to cause flareups. Duck feather filling is all about luxury and plush comfort, and is the perfect option if you’re after a sinking cloudlike surface on which to rest your head. 

Want to know more? Our helpful cushion inner pads guide goes through all the finer details so you can find the right cushion filling for you.

how to style zebra cushions.

Animal prints, illustrations and designs are all about injecting a bit of healthy drama into your space. Even in the most neutral of spaces, a small splash of animal design can add interest and excitement – racing to catch the viewer’s eye and often becoming the room’s focal point. 

However, drama doesn’t have to breed chaos, and there are plenty of ways to bring animal pieces like zebra cushions into your space while maintaining a refined and sophisticated look. 

Pairing pieces from the more dramatic end of our zebra cushions collection (namely our zebra print designs) with natural furnishings can create a grounded earthy vibe. Perfect for bold natural interior styles like tropical and bohemian, this look can be as easy-going or as show-stopping as you like. Pair with textured natural cushions, wooden or rattan furniture pieces, and bright neutral accents like a white throw to fully integrate the breezy island vibe.   

Dial up the drama by pairing zebra cushions with bold colours and designs for a fully-fledged bohemian look that’ll leave a lasting impression. Transform your sofa into a kaleidoscopic gallery by layering with cushions in vibrant shades of pinkorange and green. If you don’t want to go quite as colour-crazy – layer a monochromatic zebra cushion with some neutral cushions and highlight with one bold statement piece like a floral or patterned rug.

Want to learn more about cushion covers and finding the right size for you? Our handy cushion sizing guide takes you through all the finer details, from sizing down to how you can fill cushions at home.