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Pink Floral Cushions

make prettiness a priority with our pink floral cushions.

Quaint and quirky, exotic and daring or simply sweet and traditional – there are endless styling routes you can go down with pink floral cushions. Spin your way through a flurry of stunning florals, from ditsy prints dripping in grandma chic to exotic and Japandi-inspired designs; all available in an irresistible range of blush and hot pink shades. Shop the collection.

The ultimate way to bring a bit of elegance and romance to your home – our pink floral cushion covers set the standard for delightful interior details. Sink into a bed of roses with our plush duck feather and durable polyester inner pads, or buy your cushion cover separately and fill it yourself. Many of these designs were hand-crafted at our UK studio in Yorkshire, moving on for manufacturing in Staffordshire.

Pink Floral Cushions


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Whether you’re a petal-loving princess, a certified pink obsessive or you’ve simply been smitten by one of our stunning designs – our selection of pink floral cushions is sure to leave a lasting impression. Get your hands on vintage granny chic with paisley and quaint chintzy prints, or dial up the drama with an adventurous exotic design. Whatever your style, you’re sure to find a cushion that feels like home.

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Liking what you see but lacking ideas? Head over to our inspiration blog for a huge selection of helpful guides and expert style tips. We’ve covered exactly how to clean your cushion covers, how to choose the right cushions for your home and which cushion colours will pair nicely with your sofa.

what colours go with pink floral cushions?

When we think about decorating with pink, it’s easy to forget just how versatile a colour it can be. While it’s got a reputation for glamour and boldness – evoking images of candy floss clouds and Barbie’s fuchsia dreamhouse – pink can be used to create a variety of looks and moods. Whether you’ve got your heart set on a hot pink paradise, or you’re pining for a neutral backdrop of pale peony shades – we’ve got winning colour combos that’ll make your pink floral cushions pop.

If you’re after a quieter, more traditional take, pink pairs extraordinarily well with soft neutral shades of white, grey and beige. Neutral wallpaper works great with quaint, ditsy cushion designs in any pink shade, providing a muted backdrop that will allow even the softest of accents to shine bright. Navy and green tones also make a timeless pairing with pink, offering a tasteful look that fits with styles both traditional and contemporary. Or, if you’re set on making a statement, pink makes an eye-catching accompaniment to dazzling shades of orange, gold and turquoise.

how to style pink floral cushions.

The large variety of designs in our pink floral cushion covers collection means you certainly won’t be stuck for options when it comes to styling. We’ve got bold exotic prints inspired by leafy tropical foliage, abstract scenes that offer a less conventional take, and chintzy patterns of country florals that’ll fit like a dream in the contemporary farmhouse. So, whether you’re looking for an old-world blast from the past or thinking of pushing the boat out with a daring modern design – we’ve got styling tips to make your pink floral cushions really flourish.

If you’re looking for something classy and sophisticated, try going with one of our traditional heritage prints. We’ve got tons of designs that would fit right in with grandma’s decor, while offering a refreshingly modern twist that makes them an ideal fit with any style. Go with floral patterned curtains to keep the motif going, while keeping your walls white or pale grey so your patterns really pounce out.

Feeling something a little more maximalist? We’ve got tons of exotic floral cushion designs that’ll make your space feel like a vibrant tropical oasis. Go for wall-to-wall wanderlust with exotic feature wallpaper, or keep the walls bright and breezy and dial up the drama in your accents. We’ve got a great selection of tropical bedding and curtains if you’d like to really lean into the look, or keep it subtle with raw wood furniture and natural woven accessories.