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9 ideas for a bright and seasonal home in January.

A winter bedroom with navy walls, winter foliage and a yellow duvet cover set with a printed design of winter woodlands and animals.

as decorations come down, a whole new year of styling potential is on the rise...

Taking the Christmas decorations down might just be one of the most bittersweet things you can do on a grey January day. Your home has just gone from cosy and colourful to clean and fresh – a blank slate. You wouldn’t mind, except now it feels sort of bare and boring, and with Easter still a whole three months away, keeping spirits high can start to feel like a slog.

So what now? Well, you can let those January blues drag you down, or we can embrace this period of change with some rejuvenating January home decor ideas. Nothing beats updating your decor for every season, and winter is no different. You can experiment with a fresh splash of colour for the new year, try out different textures or keep the Christmas vibes going – minus the kitschy details. Whatever you’ve got in mind, allow us to offer some inspiration with our guide on how to decorate your home in January.

1. use natural greenery.
A bright bedroom with white walls. green bedding and monochrome accessories, complete with a collection of houseplants stored on a white shelf above the bed.

Just because Santa’s headed back to the North Pole doesn’t mean you can’t keep some seasonal touches among your January home decor ideas. Sure, maybe get rid of the stockings, snowmen, and definitely that half-chomped carrot – but the festive greenery is welcome to stay.

Keep it wintery rather than Christmassy by making sure there aren’t heaps of glitter, baubles or artificial snow involved.

A dining table in a neutral white room, decorated with natural foliage, serviettes and table linen with a festive robin design.

Natural elements like pine cones, bare branches and even red berries can stay out too. Place garlands on the mantle, the tablescape or on shelves for a wintery touch.

You could even keep simple wreaths on the wall or front door for a simple, evergreen take on winter decor.

2. embrace reviving colours.
An ochre duvet cover set with a white printed design of winter woodlands, surrounded by a beige side table, flowers in a vase and a yellow table lamp.

Colour is a tonic for all seasons and all moods. If you find January tends to bring a general feeling of ‘bleh’ – let’s be real, who doesn’t? – then a fresh splash of colour might just be the perfect pick-me-up.

Think about which shades bring you energy and joy. Is it soothing, wintery tones of white? The enchanting effect of blues and cool purples? Or would you prefer the warming energy of Pantone’s colour of the year, peach fuzz?

An earthy green bedroom decorated with floral bedding, pink rectangular cushions and various ornaments.

Pops of colour can come from anywhere, but they’re particularly easy to introduce with throws, scatter cushions and smaller home accessories.

Just a few bright and bold accent pieces can be enough to bring exciting new character to an otherwise neutral space, so feel free to be as subtle or as full-on as you like.

3. keep the seasonal scents.
A scented reed diffuser in a green glass bottle, presented on a wooden table alongside a novelty reindeer and red berries in a glass vase.

From the sweet spice of cinnamon and mulled wine to earthy notes of pine and spruce, Christmas is famous for its fragrances. And while ideas for how to decorate your home in January usually revolve around starting afresh, there’s no rule against keeping those luscious seasonal scents around.

While the sugarplum wax melts and gingerbread candles might have run their course, scents like fresh pine or warm spiced orange are delicious year-round. It’s still winter after all, and sweet scents are perfect mood-setters for those fireside January nights.

A scented candle in an orange glass holder, placed on an orange surface with vanilla pods, flower petals and other natural elements which make up the scent profile.
Kindred Scented Glass Candle

Home fragrance comes in many forms, but when it comes to cosy vibes, the classic scented candle remains undefeated.

Up to 40 hours of burning time, a glorious space-filling scent and that cosy, flickering glow? Those January blues don’t stand a chance.

4. layer cosy textures.
A selection of white cushions and throws with looped yarn bouclé finishes, arranged on a white bouclé sofa in front of a neutral background.
Bouclé Cushions + Throws

When choosing January decorations for the home, staying warm and snug should be at the forefront of your mind. After the Christmas decorations have all been packed up, your home can feel bare and cold – and the grey January weather doesn’t exactly help.

Luckily, the introduction of some snuggly textures can work wonders for warming your space right up. Layers of sumptuous faux fur, woolly bouclé, cosy knits and soft sherpa fleece will make any room feel like a great big hug.

A bright and fresh living room with emerald green walls, a marble mantlepiece, and white soft furnishings with various textural finishes.

The beauty of textures is that you don’t have to worry about them clashing. It’s generally a case of the more the merrier, leaving you with just the choice of colour to worry about.

Keeping it tonal will make a space feel glamorous and put together, while pairing complementary colours together will give you more of a laidback, boho vibe.

5. hold on to winter patterns.
A faux wool beige cushion with a traditional tartan design, placed on a grey sofa with a neutral knitted throw.

The turkey, sprouts and last drops of champagne might all be gone – but you don’t have to throw those beautiful winter patterns out with them. Keep that seasonal spark alive with warming patterns like tartan and enchanting designs of woodland scenes and animals.

The best January decorations for the home tend to mix the magic of winter with the fresh energy of a new year, so don’t get rid of those seasonal motifs just yet.

An emerald green cushion with a jacquard design of winter animals among a woodland scene, placed on a pale blue armchair with a waffle weave throw.
Winter Woods Animal Cushion in Emerald

Keep it rustic with raw wood furniture, metal fixtures and leather accents, or go all-in with a maximalist medley of winter patterns and shades.

6. make your bed a hub of hibernation.
A light green bedroom with a peach and green botanical duvet, two side tables with lamps, wall art and indoor greenery.
Passiflora Botanical Duvet Set

While scientists annoyingly insist that humans don’t hibernate, they’ve underestimated the passion many of us have for our cosy winter lie-ins. Rolling up in a burrito of bedding is the only logical response to bitter January mornings, and I’m sure we’d all stay bundled up for the entire month if those pesky human responsibilities weren't a factor.

Nevertheless, for the precious time we do get to spend in bed this winter, staying cosy is the top priority.

A bed decorated with a white bouclé duvet cover set and rust orange scatter cushions alongside a decorated side table.
Bouclé Duvet Cover Set in Ecru

A cosy winter bed is only as blissful as its sheets, so splashing out on some high-end Egyptian cotton is always a worthwhile investment. Find the right quilt tog for you, and dress it up in a wintery animal or floral duvet set to keep the seasonal vibes kicking.

Round things off with a luxurious bedspread or sumptuous bed throw, and you’ll have a warming winter nest that’s just too cosy to leave.

7. create cosy lighting
A warmly lit bedroom with a striped duvet cover set, knitted throw blankets and vibrant pink, orange and black scatter cushions.

Wondering how to decorate your home in January without a whole new arsenal of accessories? There’s a solution to your troubles, and it’s as simple as flicking on – or dimming down – a switch. When it’s cold and snowy outside, inside needs to feel all the cosier. Introducing ambient lighting is a great way to help encourage those fireside vibes.

Everyone knows that the big light only goes on when it’s absolutely necessary – it’s the table lamps, floor lamps and softly glowing candles that make a house a home.

A fresh neutral bedroom decorated with indoor greenery, a vibrant Art Deco duvet set, blush pink scatter cushions and a decorated side table.

Using lamps will brighten up dark corners of your room, make your space feel bigger and eliminate the need to blind yourself with the big light. Light fabric lamp shades create a soft look, whereas a darker fabric will focus the light for more of a contrast.

As for smaller details like candles and fairy lights – you can never have enough, so why not glow crazy?

8. welcome wintery elements.
A black fabric sofa decorated with four white and beige bouclé scatter cushions, behind a black coffee table with various ornaments on a metal trey.

Just like we do in autumn, you can make your home feel seasonal during winter with all kinds of accessories, natural elements and design motifs. Instead of pumpkins, think bare branches and silvery birch logs.

Swap your current wall art for snowy scenes and make sure your floral bouquets are filled with in-season species like white roses, freesias, thistles and heather. If in doubt, nothing says ‘winter home’ like some tastefully scattered pinecones.

A burgundy velvet cushion with a contrasting yellow design of a stag and a piped border, displayed on a wooden bench next to a stack of books and an indoor plant.
Forest Fauna Stag Cushion in Burgundy/Gold

When it comes to designs and symbols, winter animals will give your space that extra touch of inviting comfort. We’re talking stags, robins, hedgehogs, foxes and more.

Not sure where to look? Our Evans Lichfield and Wylder cushions boast a forest-full of fauna – not to mention our extensive animal cushions collection.

9. spread dopamine decor to your walls.
Blue wallpaper with a winter design of woodland foliage and fauna, hung in an entrance hall behind a woven bench holding various ornaments and a woven storage basket on the floor.
Winter Woods Wallpaper in Blue

Got a bad case of the January blues? Then maybe your space needs a complete overhaul. One of the most transformative things you can do for your home – and your mood – is cover the walls with colours and patterns that bring you joy.

A bright shade, captivating pattern or delicious colour palette could make all the difference for a space that might have felt a bit dated or faded before. 

Feature wallpaper with a statement design of pink and black snakes, hung in a room behind a storage table covered with various ornaments.
Serpentine Wallpaper in Pink/Black

So dive right into the world of pattern and colour. Whether that’s through dazzling feature wallpaper, flourishing floral motifs or novelty accessories for your display shelf – one thing’s for sure, your space will take on a whole new lease of life.