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3 easter decor ideas for hopping party hosts.

a yellow daisy knitted cushion and a ginger velvet flower cushion lying on white, pink and yellow geometric patterned bedding.

we’ve got cracking Easter decor ideas to help the moveable feast move by with ease.

Step outside, feel the air and look around. Winter’s sharp bite has gently loosened. Once-muddy patches bustle with butter-yellow daffodils, and a blood-orange sun begins to take leisure in his long evening stretch. It can all mean but one thing: spring is in full swing, and the echo of hopping paws grows ever-nearer...

Easter brings with it a lot of things, but an air of festivity might just top the list. Enigmatic egg hunts, big family banquets and bubbling champagne – it’s everything great about Christmas, just with less stress and more sun – what’s not to love?

In the spirit of the season, we’re bringing 3 Easter decor ideas to help get your home spring-soirée-ready. Whether you’re hosting a cracking Easter hop or claiming a day of quiet, chocolatey indulgence – we’re here to make sure you do it in style.

go down the rabbit hole.
a collection of eight Peter Rabbit cushions arranged on a white side table, a beige armchair and a cream carpeted floor. a bedroom with a muted pastel colour scheme, framed wall art of rabbits and a rainbow, a bed dressed with a muted purple and forest green geometric cushion, and neutral winter forest wallpaper.
furn. Peter Rabbit™ collection | @fix_no_166

Universally adored (and occasionally feared) by children across the world, the Easter bunny has been the official mascot of springtime merriment since her first appearance in medieval German writings. While the gift-bearing bunny we know today has come a long way since then, the timeless figure of the rabbit continues to be an Easter staple. 

Where other holiday symbols like Santa and his reindeer are often confined to their season, the figure of the bunny seems less exclusive and can be used year-round in your decor without egging on the holiday nay-sayers.

We’ve got tons of hare-themed accessories that’ll take you down the Easter rabbit hole, while making sure you won’t have to hide them away until next spring.

a white cushion printed with a watercolour illustration of a hare sitting in a field of yellow dandelions, with printed text that says

Woodland Hare Happy Thoughts Cushion in Multicolour

Our Woodland Hare Happy Thoughts Cushion in Multicolour is the perfect crowd-pleasing decor accent to introduce some Easter cheer without getting too niche. The hand-painted watercolour design creates a delicate rustic charm – a hallmark of our Evans Lichfield range – and the written messaging is classically uplifting.

Linen mix fabric brings sumptuous spring softness, and a blooming field of pastel yellow dandelions is the icing on this wholesome Easter cake.

A bedroom with ochre Peter Rabbit bedding on a double bed, designed with pastel lilac and mint polka dots, and confetti. There is a matching pair of curtains hanging in the background.

Dotty Peter Rabbit™ Duvet Cover Set in Ochre

Nestle yourself away and wind down the celebrations with our Dotty Peter Rabbit™ Duvet Cover Set in Ochre. Our Peter Rabbit™ collection celebrates 120 years of Beatrix Potter’s fuzzy lover of mischief, and our signature Dotty design is an eruption of confetti-covered cheer.

 With playful polka dots set in a fresh Easter pallet of pastel lilac, mint and ochre – it’s the perfect cosy hideaway after a long day of celebrations.

a two-toned grey sand-filled rabbit doorstop, designed with a charcoal herringbone weave and contrasting soft silver details.

Roger Rabbit Herringbone Novelty Doorstop in Grey

Adopt an open-door policy this Easter with our adorably-sophisticated Roger Rabbit Herringbone Novelty Doorstop in Grey. A little help goes a long way when hosting hectic Easter parties - so count on Roger to stand watch and keep a clear path for you and your guests all night.

The classic herringbone weave gives him a suave gentlemanly look, and contrasts beautifully with his super-soft belly, face and ears. Filled with heavy-duty sand for a sturdy finish that'll hold heavy doors and withstand stray knocks, what can we say? – he's tougher than he looks.

Check out our novelty doorstop range to meet our full team of heavy-bottomed helpers.

embrace the egg-painting palette.
seven eggs painted in pastel lilac, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue arranged in a vertical line on a sheet of white wrapping paper. |

A time-honoured tradition with roots in several ancient cultures across the world, egg painting is a popular Easter activity that brings a healthy splash of colour and character to our celebrations. 

From warm golden ochre to pastel pink and violet, to lush spring green and Easter lily-white – the palette is infectiously bright and inviting, sure to get you in the festive spirit.

a flatweave polyester indoor/outdoor rug in a neutral off-white hue, designed with a multicoloured abstract floral pattern in pastel tones of orange, pink, violet and mint green.

Amelie Outdoor/Indoor Rug in Multicolour

Roll out some colourful Easter style with our Amelie Outdoor/Indoor Rug in Multicolour. With an inviting spread of abstract flower shapes cast in soft pastel tones of sunset-orange, blush pink and violet – it’s the perfect Easter decor idea for a burst of springtime freshness.

The spongey flatweave polyester fabric offers a toe-friendly experience whether you're indoors or out, and the durable weather-resistant properties of our outdoor rug range makes them a perfect hard-wearing fit for the party season.

Duck egg coloured made to measure curtains printed with illustrations of hummingbirds and flowers, hanging in a purple painted room.

Hanging Garden Floral Made to Measure Curtains in Duck Egg

A lesser-known Easter symbol, the humble hummingbird was regarded by some Native Americans as a sacred figure of rebirth due to its hibernating tendencies. Our Hanging Garden Floral Made to Measure Curtains in Duck Egg are a stunning spring-inspired celebration of this majestic bird. 

Complete with gently-draping lilies and orchids in vivid pastel colourways – these curtains are the perfect foreground to an Easter sunset, and our handy measuring guides will help make sure they’re an inch-perfect fit. 

Want a closer look? Grab a free fabric sample.

a bright yellow flower shaped velvet cushion, sitting on a blush pink velvet chair.

Flower Velvet Reversible Cushion in Yellow

If there was ever a decor collection that embodied spring and Easter, our heya home range would be it. Fun, quirky and bursting with bright sunny colour – our Flower Velvet Reversible Cushion in Yellow is the ideal accessory for a seasonal gathering. 

If one isn’t enough, feel free to grab the full set and smother your space in sunny Easter goodness – with matching orange, lilac, pink and ginger options.

florals, florals, florals.
a yellow floral duvet cover set with a matching white reverse, printed with illustrations of various spring flowers. a neutral white living room decorated with a tufted sofa throw, tufted and textured white and beige cushions, a yellow tasseled throw, and a woven hanging flower pot. There is a pink floral chair on the right hand side, and a tea set with a daffodil vase in the foreground. | @pink_tinted_windows

Pale yellow primroses, flowering forget-me-nots and great green fields of hardy heathers – fresh spring florals are the quintessential Easter aesthetic. Our signature designs offer a timeless look that thrives year-round, and certainly shouldn’t be limited to your Easter decor ideas.

a bedroom with pink floral wallpaper, featuring bright blue, pink and forest green details. There is a side table with a vase of flowers sitting next to a grey and beige bed on the right hand side, and a furry white rug on the floor.

Azalea Wallpaper in Pink

Enfold your space in swirling spring florals with our cheerfully elegant Azalea Wallpaper in Pink. It’s a powerful pairing of blush pink base tones and rich spring brights, drawing the eye through a vibrant collage of flowering blossoms. 

A flawless design to set your Easter scene, it’s sure to catch a wealth of compliments over dinner (just not more than your cooking, hopefully!).

a yellow tufted cotton cushion designed with white daisies that have yellow, rust orange and pastel violet centres.

Daisy New Knitted Cushion in Mellow Yellow

Our heya home collection nails the spring aesthetic once again with this dazzling Daisy New Knitted Cushion in Mellow Yellow. The butter-yellow base colour practically melts off the fabric, and the subtle touches of burnt orange and pastel violet provide just the right amount of variation. 

It’s woven with tufted loop cotton for a fuzzy wool finish that’s irresistibly cosy, and comes with our luxurious duck feather or polyester pre-filling.

A multicoloured duvet cover set with an abstract floral design, made on a bed with a coordinating orange cushion, and folded to reveal the squiggly line reverse design.

Amelie Printed Abstract Floral Duvet Cover Set in Orange/Lilac.

Introduce flourishing spring tones and whimsical wildflowers to your den of slumber this Easter with our Amelie Printed Abstract Floral Duvet Cover Set in Orange/Lilac. Experience a rainbow of colour as bright blooms overlap and entwine, creating an enchanting abstract meadow effect.

The funky pastel reverse is perfect for when you want to switch things up a bit, boasting a vibrant squiggly line motif.