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Gold Curtains

indulge your royal side with our luxury gold curtains.

Treat your window space to a regal touch of glamour with our glistening gold curtains. Waltz your way through a stunning selection of signature designs, from luxurious jacquard florals to glorious geometrics and soothing plain-dye moments. Keep it clean with pale sandy shades, or go for all-out glam with show-stopping glittering gold. Shop the collection.

Can’t seem to find your size? Enjoy a tailored fit down to the nearest centimetre with our bespoke made to measure service. We’ve also got tons of ready made curtains if you’re working with a standard window space or just want something more affordable. Opt for a traditional look with pencil and pinch pleat curtain headers, or embrace a more contemporary take with our sleek stainless steel eyelets.

Gold Curtains


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If you’re greedy for all that glistens, you’ve found the right collection in our luxurious gold curtains. Whether you’re weak at the knees for luxury home furnishings, or simply want a touch of gilded glamour to elevate your window space – we’ve got plain and patterned curtains to suit all flavours of interior style.

Choose from our opulent array of plain gold curtains, or dial up the regal drama with one of our pleasingly patterned designs. Powdery shades of oyster, sandstone and desert make for a mutedly minimalist look, while buttery saffron and gold jewel tones offer a daringly maximalist option. Go with one of our gold ready made curtains if you’ve got a simple window space or want something affordable, or enjoy a custom fit down to the nearest centimetre with our bespoke made to measure designs.

All set to strike gold? Make sure to browse through our treasure trove of gold furnishings, from bejeweled bedding sets to the finest golden cushions, to wallpaper and gold-plated accessories that bring an irresistible touch of regality. If you’re gunning for gold curtains but aren’t sure where to begin, our inspiration blog offers a wealth of how-to guides and handy style advice. Get comfortable with all things curtains with our handy curtain buying guide, or get down to the nitty-gritty of sizing with our step-by-step curtain measuring guides.

what colours go with gold curtains?

Regal, refined and effortlessly glamourous – gold is the perfect colour to bring a feeling of wealth to your window spaces. Whether you’re curating an all-out luxury home interior, or simply in search of a glistening gold detail or two, our collection of gold curtains will get you off to a winning start.

Minimalism might not be the first style to pop into your head when thinking about gold curtains, but you’d be surprised just how well the two come together. As a natural metal that’s mined from the earth, gold makes a harmonious organic pairing with all manner of neutral shades, from clean whites and smokey greys to earthier browns and touches of beige. The undertones of gold can vary widely, from pink-hued rose gold to earthy browns and cool greys, so keep this in mind when choosing which accents to pair with your gold curtains.

If you’re looking to strike a glorious balance of laidback luxury, use warm grey, beige or off-white wallpaper to bring a calming touch to brighter metallic gold finishes. For a more opulent take, use undertones or the secondary colours of your gold-patterned curtains to launch a striking motif. Pastel pink wallpaper will bring out the cooler side of rose gold shades and provide a chic feminine touch, while saturated tones of crimson and burgundy feel opulent alongside gold curtains with rich red patterning.