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Gold Wallpaper

glamourise your space with glistening gold wallpaper.

Shiny, chic and dripping with modern elegance – bring some bold glamour to your space with our gold wallpaper range. Browse your way through our brilliant range of designs, from sleek cross-hatch shapes to embossed metallic finishes that bring a refined sheen. Enjoy a trouble-free transformation with durable, wipeable and non-fading gold wallpaper. Shop the collection.

All our gold wallpaper uses paste-the-wall application – a super simple method that’s perfect for first-time decorators. Just paste your wall, hang your paper and leave everything to dry. Try before you buy with our £1 wallpaper sample service, and find the exact number of rolls you need with our handy usage calculator on each product page.

Gold Wallpaper

gold wallpaper at

Embrace luxe, regality and all that glitters with our glamorous selection of gold wallpaper. From hard-wearing vinyl designs to embossed metallic finishes, our stunning designs are guaranteed to make a statement. Whether you’re seeking a touch of class for your dining space, or durable and easy-to-clean gold living room wallpaper that stands up to any stain – discover the perfect touch to elevate any space in our opulent range.

All our gold wallpaper is paste-the-wall – a simple and speedy alternative to traditional wallpapering methods. No need for pasting tables or soaking your paper for hours – just paste your wall, hang, and allow your latest masterpiece to dry. Add some £1 wallpaper samples to your bag for a closer look, and use the usage calculator on each product page to find exactly how many rolls your space requires.

New to wallpapering? Get yourself off to a winning start with the many guides and design tips available on our inspiration page. Learn everything from the basics to the finer details with our wallpaper buying guide, or let us lead you through the fitting process with our step-by-step instructions on how to wallpaper.

what colours go with gold wallpaper?

Gold is an immensely powerful colour, blessed with a stunning natural sheen that never fails to draw the eye. Using it carelessly runs the risk of overpowering your space – but tasteful pops of gold paired in just the right way? Beautiful and breathtaking. So, just which shades should you be pairing with your new gold wallpaper? 

The yellow undertones of gold can create a warm, summery atmosphere when paired with similarly warm colours. Evoking sunshine, cocktails, and the juiciest tropical fruits - red and orange shades are the ultimate symbols of summer, and will welcome your gold wallpaper with open arms. Use orange or red curtains in earthy shades of brick, clay and terracotta to make your gold background pop all the more. 

Ground gold with dark tones like navy blue for a sumptuously luxurious feel. The bright warmth of the gold will balance out the cool darkness of the blue, lending a serene atmosphere to any room. Give it some high drama by pairing your gold wallpaper with black, and go for bold red, soothing green or fresh white as an accent colour.

how to style gold wallpaper.

In the bedroom, complement your gold wallpaper with blue throws and blue cushions for chic high-contrast scheme. Deep royal blues and navy hues will help gold tones to really pop, whilst lighter shades like teal create a cool and calming feel.

For a fresh, uplifting vibe, pair gold wallpaper with organic tones you’d often see in nature. Use earthy green curtains for a lush woodland feel, with green representing leaves and gold imitating the sun’s natural light. Finish with a scattering of brown cushions, and you’ll have a grounded scheme that feels like a breath of fresh forest air.

Gold and pink may not be an obvious colour pairing, but they work surprisingly well for a contemporary feminine feel. Pairing your gold wallpaper with pink curtains or pink throws will add a modern, sophisticated touch to any space in the home.