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Orange Outdoor Cushions

bring a sunset glow to your garden with orange outdoor cushions.

Warm, inviting and bursting with joy – elevate your garden with the cosy glow of orange outdoor cushions. Journey to a wonderland of signature designs, from leafy jungle vistas to poised and prowling animals, to plain-dye neon options that hum with energy. Stay bright with zesty saturated tones, or embrace earthy calm with cinnamon and terracotta. Shop the collection.

Our orange garden cushions are made using durable UV and water-resistant polyester fabric. They’re fully protected against spills, splashes and showers, and won’t fade in the summer sunshine either – all while remaining super soft and comfortable. Choose from standard-sized orange outdoor cushions for your garden furniture, or bring hard-wearing comfort on the go with a large floor design.

Orange Outdoor Cushions


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Whether you’re styling your outdoor sofa, bringing plush comfort to your patio or need an outdoor floor cushion for extra seating – our range of orange outdoor cushions has just what you’re looking for. Keep things splendidly simple with a stunning plain-dye design, wander through wild jungle scenes with exotic animals and tropical patterns, or embrace the boho festival look with a folky floral print.

Feeling zesty? Make sure to check out the rest of our orange furnishings, from juicy citrus cushions to warming rust-hued throws, to cheery orange curtains that keep the glare out but the sunshine in.

If you’re running out of interior ideas, we’ve got tons over on our inspiration blog. Get to know the collection a little better with our introduction to outdoor cushions; learn how to clean outdoor cushions with our easy-to-follow guide; discover how to arrange cushions on your bed and sofa, or dive in deep with our 15 orange home accessories for a zesty refresh.

what colours go with orange outdoor cushions?

Although a vibrant shade that makes a strong impact wherever it pops up, you’d be surprised just how easy orange can be to use in your decor. With careful curating and some go-to colour combinations in your arsenal, the styling possibilities for orange outdoor cushions are pretty much endless.

One of the easiest ways to style your orange garden cushions is by pairing them with other warm shades like reds and earthy yellows. Go with muted rose accents like red throws to balance out brighter orange shades, or stick with saturated tones of both for a sizzling summer scheme. Factor in a yellow outdoor cushion or two for an extra layer of depth, striking up a sloping analogous scheme that’s chicly tonal.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more daring, orange makes a unique pairing with all manner of blue shades. Complement burnt orange outdoor cushions with a rich navy throw for a sophisticated luxe look; or couple cobalt blue outdoor cushions with bright tangerine shades for a funkier, contemporary take.

When it comes to styling your outdoor space, going with green is never a bad option. Mirroring the natural colours that already exist in your garden is a great way of blending the boundary between indoors and out, making your space feel seamless and coherent. Pair bright orange outdoor cushions with fresh green shades like jade, lime and eucalyptus. Or, complement burnt orange tones with earthy greens, beiges and browns.